Doe Eating Affect Your Sleep?

Sleep Coach (Ep 5 2019)

Transcription of Today’s Episode:

Hey Javier with Live Well Mattress and Furnishing Centres and for today’s Sleep Coach Minute, I want to talk to you about eating before bed. So a lot of times what we hear from our customers when we’re talking about sleep issues and sleep problems that they’re having when they come into the store is they discussed the fact that they’re eating right before bed, and what that causes is an increase in body heat and an increase in body heat can actually keep you up at night. What happens is as you’re laying there, your body needs to burn those calories, right? So it increases your body temperature a couple of degrees, which sounds nominal, sounds like it’s nothing, but in all honesty, it’s enough to heat you up to overheat. You past the comfort stages or to comfort temperature while you’re asleep. It wakes you up, it keeps you kicking in bed, it makes you flop around while you’re trying to burn those calories.

So to counter this, the recommendations are, and we’ve found this out through a lot of research, the recommendations are, is that you eat at very least two to three hours before bed. Optimal is four hours before bed. What this does is it allows you time to digest. It allows you time to get the majority of the calories that easy burn calories done with so that way when you fall asleep, you can actually fall asleep faster because you’re not overheating. And I will tell you right now, the reason I made this video is because we’ve got Thanksgiving coming up and we’ve got the whole holiday season coming up. So what happens a lot is people lose a lot of sleep during this time of year. I would recommend that you seek a way that you’re not eating right before bed and that you’re not feasting for at least at very least four hours before bed. That’s my recommendation as a sleep coach. I hope that it helps you and if it does, please leave a comment below. If you have other recommendations that you’ve read or that you’ve researched, please share them with our viewers and if you like this video, if it’s helped you in any way, please subscribe and share with your friends. Until next episode, this is Javier with live well mattress and furnishing centers. Have a great day.