Why Should You Consider Buying An Adjustable Base/ Power Base?

The adjustable base, or power base, boom is here! Why would you consider buying one? Here are some common reasons. Snoring, acid reflux, allergy/sinus problems, increase circulation, swelling in hands or legs, lower back pain, hip pain, or sciatica.

Benefits that aren’t health related are great too! Different positions aid in healing muscles if you are an athlete, like to read in bed, watch movies or play a game console in bed, or just relax in the great zero gravity position where you feel weightless, literally a floating sensation, and can fall asleep in bliss. Each model starts basic and moves up with more options to better suit your needs.

  • A basic model will have an adjustable head and foot option with a possible memory button for your favorite position (zero gravity is our most popular) and an LED flashlight.
  • A mid-range model would have an adjustable head and foot option. Possible preset memory buttons for Zero Gravity, Lounge, TV positions, a one-touch return to flat button, massage and vibration settings. Even under the bed LED night light, an LED flashlight on the tip of remote, sizable legs, 2 USB ports to use for your electronics, and up to 2 memory button options for your choosing.
  • A high-end model would have all the mid-range options as well as Bluetooth with Bed Tech App to control your bed from your phone, an extra panel that moves only your head, and a high-end furniture looks with an upholstered encasement that goes all around the base.

Depending on your sleep needs or desired comforts while you sleep, an adjustable/power base will increase your hours of sleep as well as remedy your body from pains, releasing tension in your muscles, and relaxing you. Your health is all you have. Invest in your sleep, and you will feel better rested, energized, capable or longer awake hours, better stamina, fewer pains, and achieve more in your everyday tasks.
Try one and see what it can do for you. No matter your age or condition of health, you’ll notice “why” it’s become part of better sleep.
When you Sleep Well, you Live Well.