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Hi, I’m Gretchen from LivWell. And today I wanted to come to you with a new product that we offer, and it is CBS.

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A lot of taboo in the past has been with the war against drugs, and that CBD is a drug. And I wanted to explain to you the difference. This is not THC. THC is another property in hemp, which people do utilize in order to achieve a high CBD does not get you high. That is not what it’s for CBD is to get you healthy, where THC can get you high. So with that, what can CBD offer for you many banks? This is good for animals when it comes to dogs for say, 4th of July is a really hard thing for our dogs. Um, another thing is joint pain in animals and humans. We get that inflammation in our joints or arthritis, and this is very, very good for that. It will help ease inflammation and, and the pain. Another thing is it’s been known to help with migraines and a lot of people deal with migraines because we are in a higher altitude.

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So atmospheric pressure can bring on and trigger that as well as whenever we have storefronts that come through. It’s also great for many other things. Okay. If you have children with ADHD, adults with ADHD or add, um, it helps with calming them, or you can put just a couple drops in their water, let’s say, put it in their lunch bag and then they can go to school and drink that again. No, this does not get you high. It’s not going to make you fall asleep. This does aid in helping you to achieve pain-free and less traumatic issues that you’re already dealing with. Your brain has an endocannabinoid system that automatically knows how to process cannabis, which has the name of the plant. Okay. Again, this is not THC. The whole point of this is to educate you so you can see the difference between CBD and THC, because I know a lot of people will still assume they’re both the same thing and they’re not.

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So with that, I’m going to try to educate you in ways on what the CBD is for and how it can help you. Um, now I do have business cards that I have preprinted. Some of the things that CBD is used for, and I’m going to read off some of these. So you have an idea of where you could use these. Okay. I mentioned ADHD add, it helps with anxiety. It helps with migraines, Alf, um, any type of digestion issues. It can help, correct arthritis, asthma autism bipolar helps with cancer and pain, uh, acne, um, addiction issues, depression, diabetes, seizures, fibromyalgia, any type of inflammation, IBS, um, Ms. Anybody who deals with nausea and we it’s weird. Cause sometimes you can have nausea issues without having a true, uh, di diagnosis, why it causes it, but this actually helps settle it. Um, neuropathy, excuse me, neuropathy.

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I can’t even say it. Neuropathy is what I want to keep saying, but it’s neuropathic pain, uh, gout GERD, Alzheimer’s anorexia metabolic syndrome, asthma obesity, Parkinson’s P T S D uh, sleep disorders, strokes, spinal cord injuries, glaucoma stress. And it just goes on and on and on. Um, this has been researched for many, many years. And the point of the problem that we run into is because it’s not regulated in the field of medicine, like a Tylenol, or, uh, let’s say Motrin or Advil is so with that, they don’t have enough information to say that they can put that on the market for the same properties. Now, if you’re actually concerned about your health, you’re going to research these properties and you’re going to find out just how bad Motrin is or how bad tile is for your body. And they’re only symptom activators, which means if you have a symptom of a headache, you’ll take a Tylenol.

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If you have inflammation, you’re going to take a Motrin. Well, the thing is is if you research what that does over time, it’s damaging for your body. So by taking a plant, it does not do that. This CBD is all natural. It is water compatible. Now that’s a very tricky thing out there on the market now, because we do have companies that claim to be water compatible, but the main trigger that you can find out, whether it really is a true water base or an oil that’s been added to a water is ask them how long it takes to feel the effects. You literally feel the effects of this within minutes. It’s a true water. And that’s because your cells, your molecular cells, everything is absorbing it as soon as it enters your mouth and you swallow that. So this automatically starts working. Whereas if it’s an oil, it has to be absorbed and digested in order to feel the effects.

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So it’s about 35 40 sometimes longer in minutes before you feel the effects of it. This again, was it within minutes? Um, I can tell you now my husband has actually taken this for his migraines and with his migraines. Um, if he takes us, when he’s feeling the onset of a migraine, it stops it instantly. And if he actually has the Motrin or excuse me, the migraine, and at the point he doesn’t have any CBD where he is located. Um, he can take it when he does get there. And then he usually sleeps for just a little bit and he can come right back and sit in front of his computer without that residual brain bruising feeling. So this stuff is amazing. It really works. Great. Another nice thing about it is it’s a topical use as well. So if you have, let’s say arthritis, um, or you’ve burned yourself.

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That’s a really great healer. This works great for burns. Um, you can actually apply it topically and it will actually help heal on the outside as fast as the inside. So you’ve got both things helping at the same time. It’s great. It’s wonderful. Now this does not cure things. I just want to tell you the difference here, no different than in taking any type of pain medicine or anything to help with making you feel better. It does not cure you. It helps with the symptomatic stuff, but it goes to the problem. That’s what D that’s what’s so different about this. Your endocannabinoid system actually works to help the process go right to the problem instead of to the symptom. And we are normally adjusted to finding medicines for symptoms. So with those, you can use this for just about anything and it goes to the problem.

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It goes to the source of the issue. So your brain already knows how to process cannabis cannabis, just so you understand the endocannabinoid system it’s in your brain. It automatically knows how to receive it and process it. Now with a medicine, you’ll always have a limit on how much you can take, because it’s a synthetic material. And with that, you can overdose. You can do damage to your body. That’s what makes taking Tylenol, Motrin. People who abuse those, um, there’ll be like, Oh, this isn’t that bad of a headache. I’ll just take two. Well, if they have a really bad headache, they may take four thinking that it gives you a lot more of. So it takes away a lot more pain, but what that’s actually doing is damaging your liver. Um, and over time it does permanent damage. So with this, you can actually achieve a natural, healthy answer to your pain without having to worry about overdosing or the damage that happens in long-term use.

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So this right here is the sooth bottle. It comes in a holder that looks like this. You take the lid off and inside you have your bottle. These are dosed at a hundred drops. So it’s not going to be a full bottle. And that’s so that you can shake it because this is as if you had taken water and the cannabis plant and blended it in a blender and mix them together and put them in the water and out of their little magic. Okay? So it tastes extremely green. This really does taste like the hemp plant because that’s what it is. It’s him plant in water. So when you take this, it will taste green. It’s not bad. Um, again, you can dilute it with water if you would like to, or, which is another way you can tell if something is a true water, soluble water compatible, um, process this, when you put it in a water, you can swish it around like a little shot glass, and then you can take a drink of it.

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And what that does is it dilutes it down so you can drink it and you still get the same effect. You can take it straight up if you want to as well. And I’m going to show you what that’s like. So you want to shake it because again, it’s in water and you know, it’s going to have its own little separation after sitting. So you want to take it, take the eyedropper. This is an eyedropper. Okay. Now the difference with this is if you’re taking oil CBD oil, a CBD oil is going to be something that you may require up to a full eyedropper for one dose, an actual dose for this because it’s straight plant is two drops. So you’re a hundred drops, okay? Two drops a day. It’s going to last you like, I’m not going to have it’s great stuff, right? But if you need to take more, you can, we have people that have been on pain medicine for years and years, and they need to have a higher dosage.

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So you can take more. But what makes this different from a pill again, is you could drink this entire bottle in one setting and not get sick, not have any bad side effects from it, because it’s like saying how much plant is too much plant. If you eat 10 carrots versus one carrot, are you going to be in trouble? No, because it’s all natural. This is a natural product. Okay. So with that, you would just do two drops. So I’m going to show you two drops. That is an actual dose right there. So if you want to know how much is a dose for CBD, this is it right here. Okay. And you can see, it’s starting to get ready to run down my hand because again, it’s water. Okay. That’s called our lick test. There. You put the two drops on there and you can lick it off.

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Now I have a full dose of CBD. If I wanted to add this to water again, I could, I could put it in anything and take it, but you don’t have to. So I’m going to get to the actual product information. These are common questions that are asked that I’ve already typed up answers to, to help you so that you can understand the product better for what it is and what separates CBD fluid from CBD oil. Okay. Again, this is not a whale. So here we go. What’s the difference between CBD oil and the sooth water compatible CBD. Okay. This is it. Many competing CBD products are derived from oil, which our bodies have a difficult time absorbing. So our bodies are mostly made of water, which means we have a far easier time absorbing water compatible CBD instead of oil CBD. Our bodies typically only absorb about 10% of an oil based CBD versus 90% of a water compatible CBD. So you’re going to get 90% versus 10% of the benefits from this versus a CBD oil, because there’s no synthetic additives. There’s no oil additives. There’s no flavor additives. It is straight plant. Okay.

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On there. Why does whole flower mean, what does that mean to you? Excuse me. And is it necessary? Um, yes, many CBD products sold today are produced from the industrial hemp CBD isolates. Okay. An isolate is just the groupings within it. Hemp isolates do not include essential cannabinoids turpines and compounds. Our company utilizes a whole flower fluid extraction process. Okay. And this is important because it preserves a whole plant and its benefits. The way that you pull CBD oil from a CBD plant is usually used with hydrogen, um, where you can freeze it, or they have processes in which actually overheat and can damage properties of the flower. And I should say plant. So the situation here is they do not use that, freezes it, and they don’t use anything that damages the property because it is a natural water process. So with this, you have all the benefits or all the flour in here and quitting the THC at a federal legal limit.

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It’s either 0.03% or less in there. Now, if you think about a puzzle, if you take one piece of the puzzle out, it can be a big puzzle or a small puzzle. It’s still not a complete puzzle. That’s why you have to have all the benefits there. If you’re cooking grandma’s recipe and you leave out one ingredient, guess what? You’re going to notice. That’s the difference in why you want whole flour versus something that is not whole flower. This is a full spectrum CBD. It has every property of the plants. You get every benefit that works with it, the CBD, the CBG, everything. Okay. Turpines included. That’s wonderful. All right. What does whole flower meet? Just like I just explained to you. It’s every property of the plant, there is not one property that’s left out and they understand that if you take out one property, all the other ones become unbalanced.

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They don’t work like they’re supposed. So you need them all last. How much do you take two drops? So if you do a two trops, you want to make sure that your two drops are either going to be diluted or they’re going to be in a situation in which you can do like the look test, okay. And your tongue, however you want. But again, you can tell, take as much as you need to, but a regular dose is 200 last but not least. If you want more cool facts about our bruiser pure, please do not hesitate to come to our Facebook page. I have put out all whole bunch of information on there in an article about our CBD. You can even message me there on our Facebook page, that you would like information. I will get that article and I will tag you in it so that you can get that info.

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Um, with Rizzo pure, it is a company in which I’ve been with now for year and a half, and absolutely love it. They are wonderful. They are all about finding health needs without medicating people. Um, they want all the health benefits, benefits to work for you through the products and not cause any after effects like medicine. Cause, um, again, this year as many benefactors, I hope I’ve explained enough about it. That you’re actually understanding a little bit more about what the differences are. CBD oils, not good CBD fluids. Okay. Your dosage matters whole full spectrum. Whole flower matters turpines matter. Um, having water really matters. You need to, um, the absorb, the majority of what you’re taking, which means you’re take less two drops versus a whole vial. So it matters. Um, but as far as CBD, if you have more questions and you’re just not comfortable about asking questions online, come see me or at the store. I do not mind. Um, we have a lot of questions. We have people that are a little skeptical because it’s new to them again, come see us. It’s not scary. It’s all natural. So let’s get healthy together. Come try our CBD. I appreciate it. And thank you very much for joining