Can Napping Help Your Productivity?

Sleep Coach
(Ep 8, 2019)

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Is napping a good idea or a bad idea? Do you love taking naps? Do you avoid them because you feel guilty because you’re sleeping in the middle of the day? In today’s Sleep Coach, I’m going to talk to you about naps, why they’re important, why you shouldn’t feel guilty about it and how to do them, right? Yes. There’s a way to do them, right? Hi, I’m Javier Casillas with Live Well Mattress & Furnishing Centres, and some of us have this thing against naps. We feel like it’s like, Oh, we’re going to be lazy or Ooh, is really going to hurt our productivity. But what if I told you that napping is actually a productive thing to do? It truly is. In some cultures, napping is actually part of their daily activity as a nation. Yeah. It’s kind of hard for us in America to believe this, but there’s some countries where napping is super important.

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So the thing about napping, okay? So if you’re planning on taking a one or two hour nap, that may be a little much. There’s still occasion for it. Don’t get me wrong, but that may be a little much. Um, the majority of us could get by with a 20 to 30 minute nap. Yeah, 20 to 30 minutes. So here’s what studies have found. When you lay down to take a nap and you do it between 20 and 30 minutes, you’re actually in a safe zone where when you wake up, you’re actually going to be refreshed and you won’t be sleepy. There’s a term called sleep inertia. And what sleep inertia means is once you get past the 30 minute Mark, you’re actually entering into a sleep cycle setting to where you’re going into a low, I’m into a deep sleep, a lower level of sleep, and then into REM.

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So once you set into the sleep cycles, your body is actually going to want to continue into the sleep cycles. And that’s why when you go past the 30 minute Mark on napping, you’re actually going to feel that sleep inertia. You’re actually going to want to continue to go to sleep. You’re actually want to continue to lay there in bed or lay on your desk. I mean some people, there’s actually some corporations that have these things called nap pods where you can fall asleep for 2030 minutes and get back and get to work. Which that’s a dream for me and no, if you’re an employee at level, no, not yet. We’re not there yet. Maybe in future, I don’t know. But anyways, back to the subject. So yes. So if you’re sleeping less than 30 minutes, the sleep inertia won’t hit you. You wake up refreshed, your mind will be working in a quicker fashion.

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So I do, I encourage you, if you have a chance to nap during the day, if your company allows it, if you’re feeling like you actually need a refreshing moment, then I encourage you take a 20 or 30 minute nap. Anything more than that, you’re probably pushing it. You will feel the drowsy effect. You will feel sleepy throughout the entire afternoon. It’s very, very hard to recover from sleep inertia. So that, that is my one caution point in today’s sleep coach is if you go past the 30 minute Mark, it is very, very hard to get past the sleep inertia. Okay. Well, I really hope that the sleep coach video has helped you understand the importance of napping. I know it’s a quick video, so if you require more information, Gretchen and I have covered napping several times on good morning to sleep well, and now I will leave the link for you here and I will also encourage you to like share and subscribe to our YouTube channel. That way you get the weekly information from sleep coach and hopefully I help you find ways so that way you can sleep better. Until next time, I’m Javier would live while mattress and furnishing centers have a great day.