Let’s Talk Sheet

Good Mornings with Sleep Well
(S2E8 2019)

Which sheet material is best for dealing with HOT weather?  Do sheets make a difference in the heat? These are the most common questions we get regarding our bedding.

The material that sheets are made of make a huge difference in the way you can shed heat while you sleep. Materials also help you wick the sweat away on those especially hot nights.

Tencel, Microfiber, and Bamboo material are the top contenders for best materials to make sheets from.  Our vendor Malouf makes high quality sheet sets designed to last you longer and be the most comfortable sheets you’ve ever had.

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Gretchen and Javier Casillas started Sleep Well with the idea that sleep is super important, but potential customers were putting off buying a mattress because of the reputation our industry has. Quite frankly, furniture salespeople and mattress salespeople are too pushy and really don’t care about knowing sleep but more about understanding the dollar.  The reputation is there, the statement “just like a used car salesman” is used often in this industry.  So, we decided to do something different.

We created Sleep Well, a sleep store that cares about your sleep, not only cares but, knows sleep and knows how to help you find it.  We research everything about our mattresses, pillows, and bedding.  We know more about the health benefits of an adjustable base than even some manufacturers.  It is because of this knowledge and because of the actual want to help that we have been and continue to be successful.

Since we have this knowledge, we also figured why not share it? That’s why we started Good Mornings with Sleep Well, a weekly video blog to share what we know about all things sleep.  Subscribe and watch us weekly for news and tips.  Thanks for watching!

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Transcriptions of this week’s episode:

00:00                                     Hi everyone. Javier with Sleep Well and on today’s episode of Good Mornings with Sleep Well, we talk Sheet

00:07                                     sheets sheet.

00:10                                     Either way, we’re talking sheet today and in today’s episode I want to say that if you have any, any kind of issue with the way that Gretchen gets derogatory with the word sheet, please address those emails to gretchen@livewellfurnishings.com. That’s a caca thing to say. Anyways, enjoy today’s episode and see you next week.

00:43                                     hi, I’m Javier and I’m Gretchen and this is good mornings with sleep. Well, and as you can see, we’ve got some treats in fourth in store for you. Oh yeah, yeah. All right, so today is a beautiful day. It’s been windy for two days straight, like 90 mile an hour winds. Okay. Closer to 40 but it felt like 99

01:03                                     miles and hour right? Yeah. What we’ve at least of the situation, I mean we got the winds, the dirt, the wind. Yeah. No tornadoes, tornadoes, no flooding, no snow. Northern New Mexico even got snow again.

01:15                                     Yup. Yup. I got a picture from a buddy of mine in Denver. Steve sent me a picture of his backyard and they had at least maybe three four inches of snow in his backyard, which it’s middle of May. So how does that happen?

01:26                                     I heard that they reopened purgatory just because of these last suits snows that have come through. So yes.

01:32                                     Pretty cool. Yeah. So yeah, he can be down at the bottom of what, 75 80 degrees and go up to the top of the mountain and you’re, you’re cold again. Very, very strange. So what we wanted to do is we want it to take into account that summer is right around the corner and one of the biggest complaints we get is customers saying, well, we tend to sleep super hot. Right? Yes. And, and, and a lot of times what they don’t realize is it’s not their bed. It is actually their sheets. That’s right. And Gretchen is kind of the sheet Cornish sore because she does so much research on it. And, um, it’s actually because of her that we found that this really great brand and he’s really great materials. So I kinda, I’m, I’m, I don’t know how you want to do this. Do you want to do this as an interview, interview fashion or you just want to talk sheets? Let’s just talk sheets. Okay, let’s talk sheet. Yes. She’s really good at talking sheep all the time. He likes she too, which is why he married me. Nothing but she here not all right.

02:39                                     Don’t even play it. That’s going to have higher money. Okay. So what do you want to start with first?

02:45                                     Well, I would say we start with talking about microfiber sheets. Okay. A microfiber or the most common sheet. I would say that people can recognize, you can buy that pretty much anywhere. Um, but there are some great to think about whenever you’re picking out your sheet for your body temperature for instance, or texture. Um, women also pay attention to colors cause we like to color code or our bedroom or themes. Um,

03:12                                     and microfiber just happens to come into a boat load of colors.

03:15                                     Yes, it’s our most common one because of the amount of colors that are optional for it too.

03:20                                     There’s a grade and there’s a pretty blue, which I think the blue is what I have here. Yeah. Yeah. And then there’s a brown.

03:29                                     Yeah. Yeah. And Black and white and ivory.

03:32                                     And recently have you noticed we sold salt? I don’t know what the deal is, but recently we’ve been selling a lot of black, I don’t know what the deal is. So yeah, people are changing their color scheme, I guess.

03:42                                     Well I think what it’s coming to is people are looking more for that offset of black and white being added into rooms so that they can just accentuate with color instead of making a bold color accentuated black and white.

03:54                                     Yup. Okay. So tell us about the properties.

03:56                                     This fabric. Okay. The nice thing about microfiber number one, if you’re a texture person is it has a nice velvety feel. Um, microfiber is also brushed on both sides. So it’s not that you’re going to be filling one side softer than the other. It’s actually brushed on both sides. And that’s important because what you feel on the top of his, she needs to feel just as good under cause that’s the part that touches you. Okay. Another thing is first women back in the day, I know it used to be a popular thing that people actually used to hire and their sheets where they would make a really big deal about having a nice crisp clean sheet and write microfiber is another one of those that are wrinkle resistant. Doesn’t mean that if you crumble into a ball and stick it in the dryer, criminal and a ball, that’s not going to come out wrinkles. It means when you pull it fresh out of the dryer and you make your with it, it’s going to stay nice and smooth.

04:46                                     Little bit of input on this one though, we have actually left these in a dryer, believe it was like for a couple of hours and uh, they come out a little bit wrinkly. But as soon as you put them on the bed, the wrinkles go away. Super Cool microfiber, right.

05:00                                     Another great thing is they’re stain resistant. So if you’re one that likes to read and drink your coffee in bed first thing in the morning or you know, we tend to eat food and bad nowadays. I mean it’s unbelievable. These are also stain resistant. So the material is great for that. And I can’t highly speak enough about that part. Just in general if you have children, right. Microfibers gray for children or for babies? For our babies. Exactly. Because they don’t get passed on a daily basis like us. I don’t want to go into detail cause they’re too cute and that’s just a gross topic. But yes, oils, dirt, everything, it’s good being stain resistant. Um, another thing about it is there is no shrinking.

05:42                                     Yeah. Yeah. And um, and, and really with all three fabrics that we’re going to introduce you to, shrinking is not an issue with either of though.

05:49                                     And there’s a good reason behind it, the way that their cut, but it’s important to know that this is not going to shrink. So when you go to put that sheet on, you don’t have to pull out your Ninja skills and you don’t have to raise your husband to that last corner.

06:04                                     Have you ever played tug of war with a set of sheets? Yes we do. Yes we do constantly. And we do race across the bed cause we don’t want to be the last one. It has to go like this to basically get the sheet over. So yeah.

06:15                                     Well I have to say since we’ve gone to our split mattresses cause we have tax cells now we actually cheat because you can fold the mattress up in that banana shape so it makes the mattress that much smaller so you can put it on easy and then you hit the button and it flattens out and he does the hard work for you. But for those of you who stop a single Matt, what you can do is you can raise that last corner up on your knee. I always put my foot on the box spring with the mattress on top of my knees so it flexes that mattress up and I can pull it over comfortably. Yup. Um, and Nice. Another thing about, um, these all three of these is a, they are deep pocketed. The microfiber sheets actually can fit up to a 20 inch mattress. So if you get a really thick mattress, you don’t have to worry about it not fitting.

06:58                                     So, uh, a little, a little bit of history on why we chose all deep pockets sheets is because our mattresses now, um, the average that we have here in the store is 15 inches. Right. Uh, we even have one that goes as far as what, 17 or 18? Yes. So yeah, it’s um, they put a lot of specialty phones in there for the support. It’s no longer just springs and one slice of phone. It is a whole lot of specialty foams and that does add up and that’s why your beds last longer now. But yeah. Okay. Keep going.

07:29                                     Um, the construction as far as our, um, beds being movable now for adjustable bases as another huge thing. And this company also does one solid elastic band around the bottom instead of just on the corners. So on your way around, right? Yeah. So when you’re flexing your mattress, it still stays hugging to that mattress. There’s not gonna be any gavage yeah.

07:50                                     So, okay. So on them, on the microfiber, what I’ve seen is the elastic on that one is a quarter inch all the way around. Right. Okay. All right. And that’s a biggie because that way it doesn’t slide up or fall off the mattress. Right,

08:05                                     right. And to top it off, excuse me. And uh, I would like to say the last thing that I really love about him is going to be the fact that they’re warrantied this company warranties their sheets and the microfiber does have a three year warranty on them.

08:19                                     Yup. Yup. Okay. So now on to the, let’s do bamboo next so that way we can talk about bamboo.

08:26                                     Bamboo is another great one. Um, again, if you like to relate to texture wise, um, cause I’m a very texture oriented person. It has a nice satin feel. Um, and because of that, when you feel it, it’s one that you feel like you can just slide your hand across all the time. And it’s just very nice.

08:43                                     It’s white. It’s got an ivory color. It has a beautiful green color, which this is called citrus. This is cold rain.

08:56                                     This is a driftwood. This is our pump most popular. And then we have an ash color, which is also very popular.

09:03                                     Now, um, what I will tell you what I know about bamboo is that the colors on this are, um, bamboo takes the color in more and doesn’t fade. Right? That’s the property believe property on bamboo.

09:15                                     Um, 10 cell actually. Yes. Okay. Um, with bamboo though, they make a lot of their colors. I don’t know if you noticed with them on the micro fiber as well. They’re Pastel, so you’ve really got to, you’re not going to notice a lot of color resisting, right. Um, or color fade. Color Fade. Excuse me. Yes. Um, so your issues with the sheets fading and color and stuff like that should not be very obvious at all, if at all. Right. For the fact that they’re all pastel colors already. [inaudible] another great property to bamboo is they are going to be antibacterial, which is a wonderful thing, especially again, if you have kids or if you’re an athlete or someone who sweats a lot in bed. Right. Um, maybe that one because yeah, the, the whole sweating things. Super important. Yes. We don’t want the bacteria in there because the smell is also resistant to odors because of that.

10:05                                     So, you know, you go a week before you wash your sheets, you’re not going to have to open the sheets after a hot nights sleep and go, eh. Cause yeah, stuff happens like that. Never go more than a week without washing your sheets. Yeah. Well now I’m not saying that. I’m saying if you go a week, okay, nevermind. Yeah. When we were losing that one. All right. Keep going. Hypoallergenic. Okay. One thing that’s really a huge thing is, uh, people and their allergies nowadays. Just like me sneezing just like five seconds ago. Yeah. Um, he’s allergic to sheet, I think is what it is. Is, oh, she has video is full of shit. Okay. So keep going on the bamboo because I’m really excited about the next fabric. That’s why I’m saving it for last. That’s right. That’s right. Um, and as far as having anything that’s going to be next year skin, if it’s hypoallergenic material, I do want to state, um, it’s going to be something that’s going to be healthier for you to sleep on for the fact that that breathability factor in no bacteria or orders and stuff like that are not going to accentuate your allergy issues that you already have.

11:12                                     Right, right. Okay. Right. So the last sheet, we have a cell. So,

11:20                                     uh, the reason that we get kind of worked up about this fabric is we, we have changed from, we’ve actually had the, the, the, the, the microfiber. We’ve had the bamboo and then we switched to 10 sell last year. And let me tell you that, um, if you sleep hot, this is the sheet for you. If you, um, if you love a sheet that doesn’t, how do I say it? That doesn’t stick to you that the static doesn’t stick to you. This is 10 self. If you love a sheet that’s just got so much room in it that your even your blanket hog of a spouse can’t steal the sheet away from you.

12:04                                     All right, so, okay, so beautiful colors. We have white, we have another ivory, really pretty ivory. We have a a, this is called Opal. This is cold, dusk to grade. This is a crew, which we’ll call it brown. And then this is maybe poop. Oh, I’m sorry. This is harvest. How that was another sheet dog. Yeah, that’s another sheet joke. All right. So anyways, so those are the colors. Um, as I said before, which I accidentally stated for the bamboo, um, the 10 sell sheet is a very, very, very, uh, fade resistant. Oh God. Do you have another sheet, chuck? I’m thinking about that. That’s so gross that you said that. That’s baby. Now I can’t stop thinking about it. So beautiful gold color down. It’s a beautiful golden color. And honestly one of our top sellers. So can we really, really say anything? No.

13:06                                     Okay. So anyways, so is fade resistant. They come. Um, actually all three of these are pretty much oversized. But the bamboo and the 10 cell come really oversized. And by that I mean that for rails, if, if you have a blanket hog of a spouse, the, the sheets are cut with very generous sides. So that blanket hog doesn’t stand a chance of stealing your blankets away from you. Like you know how you get stuck, you get stuck with like the little bitty. This is, this is how I used to sleep. Knock it off. You’re not allowed to talk about the 10 cell sheets anymore. Okay. Okay. So let’s go to the facts of 10 zone. You Brat.

13:47                                     Okay, so taxol is great for the fact that one, it’s extremely breathable. And why is it extremely breathable? Because it is not made from cotton. Okay. The number one thing people want to know is what’s so special about the sheet, right? It is actually made from wood pulp. Okay. And he comes from a eucalyptus tree, right? And they actually spin that into a very porous fiber. And then when they put the sheet together instead of a cross, we’ve, that most sheets are woven into this is used with a closed loop system. And what that does is it makes it extremely breathable.

14:21                                     I want to, I want to interrupt you for one sec. Okay. And when I want to do, I know she was on a roll, but this right here is a cut off of a 300 count, 300 count cotton. She’d say, okay. Right? And what we learned during one of our trainings is a breathability test. And that’s basically you take a little piece and you can barely, you know, I mean you, you breathe through it and try to try to see how easily you can breathe through it. Right? Right. Well this was cotton. See if you can hear me. Okay. All right, so that was coffee. So this is very unscientific, but you should use it as promised. I’m going to use the baby poop. So I’m going to use the harvest and I’m going to show you how easy this is to breathe and watch it. You probably can’t hear anything, but that’s the whole point. You breathe through it so easily. And during the training it was amazing. And, um, the reason that Gretchen knows so much about the 10 cell is because during the training she was blown away by that. So keep going.

15:30                                     Oh, what was that? Okay. Anyways, um, when he was doing that, another way you can do that is even if you put like a little bit of baby powder on there and just exhale. Okay. And if you see a big poof, then you know, don’t inhale the baby powder that just exhale. You can inhale, okay.

15:49                                     From about what a bad idea that was. But okay. So, okay, so keep telling us about 10 times,

15:54                                     okay. I’m talking about it being a 300 count sheets. It’s comparable to a 300 count sheet because it’s a loop system. Okay. And by having that loop system, it makes it extremely breathable. So when you have the sheet next to your skin, your body’s able to breathe. Now, a lot of people in the past, I’ve always been stuck on thread count, like thread count defines whether it’s a good cheat or not, when it’s completely wrong. We did that every single day to the higher the thread count, the less breathable it becomes a bedspread. You’re no longer using a sheet. You’re using a bedspread, right? Your sheet should not feel anything like a blanket. Um, and so the thicker your sheet, the harder it is for your body to breathe through it. The more uncomfortable you’re going to be. You’re going to know this more sweating, more tossing and turning.

16:42                                     Um, even if the, the texture of it is nice, which this is nice because it has a silky feel to it. Very Silky. Yeah. Okay. Um, so it is soft. Um, another thing too is in the desert you’re really dry. Your skin’s dry. I mean, you can put lotion on every five minutes and feel like you’re just not getting enough moisture. None of these sheets have a snag field. Okay. Right. That’s important. So when you’re rubbing your feet down the sheet or your hands down the sheet and stuff like that, all of these sheets are not going to have a snag fields. So it’s really important. When I mentioned texturing, I want to make sure that it’s understood, but our number one thing that just, this is where I was, was the fact that they are moisture wicking. So if you have temperature issues when you sleep, whether it be from hormones, a muscle recovery, if it’s just plain hot near room, your sheets are moisture raking.

17:32                                     And what that means is, is if you’re sweating and you’re hot, you’re sheets are never going to get wet. So you continuously lay on these sheets and not have that issue. And they’re also anti bacterial. So even if you do sweat, you’re not going to have those smell issues. And, um, I mean, did you mention the last two comments that a half inch of elastic? No. I’ll take pictures and I’ll put it on here. But what’s great about that elastic band when he’s talking about the elastic band, it’s important because it hugs every aspect of your mattress. Okay. And when you haven’t had an adjustable base, it’s really important because it needs to hug every area because you don’t want any corners snapping off. Right. Um, this is one of the corners on this. This is what, what’s, um, okay, so the bamboo and the 10 cell sheets will fit up to a 22 inch depth mattress. 22 inch depth mattress. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So those benefactors are all there. Um, you don’t have to worry about it. And I know some people don’t have a mattress that’s that thick and because it does have a nice fall, that elastic band, even if it’s not that big of a mattress, that solid band pulls it more htan underneath so it’ll still fit. So I’m, they’re just amazing sheets.

18:43                                     We really are. Yeah. We’ve been using 10 cell now for over a year and I think we, we’ve not had one night where the sheets actually come off the bed. Right. Which happens with the cheaper set as the sheets. Yeah. Yeah.

18:57                                     Now when he was talking about the sheets being, um, cut different, uh, earlier, I do want to say they’re all cut with Ellucian. That’s 11 inches longer. Oh, so even the microfiber is, yes. And the reason for that is because they give you extra foot space because a lot of people complain that they don’t like their feet being compressed down. They want that looseness to just move their feet freely. Okay. And women also like to have the decorative top or they pulled the sheet over the top of the comforter for more of a decor appeal. Um, so it gives you that extra space to do that. Um, and as far as having an extra long, a sheet like that, also it has come in handy for us when we’re not adjustable base because when you’re flexing the mattresses and stuff and then they’re going back down, sometimes they’ll come a little loose, but she still don’t have to worry about your feet sticking out the top sheet that stays in there. Right. It’s, it’s enough space. So what is the most common question that you’ve had from customers on these guys? What’s my favorite? Oh, what’s your favorite? What is your favorite? Okay. And I know that they’re not asking me from a sales point because once we get to the point of talking to sheets, they already know that my personality is completely honest. So they just want to know from your standpoint, what would you suggest? And I’ve always gone to 10 cell except for the freezing cold times of the year. Holy Cow.

20:14                                     That’s why I was hoping she would get tired and get out. So this is true story that she’s about to tell you.

20:19                                     Okay? They’re extremely breathable, which means they, they take on the temperature regulating factors. So if it’s really cold outside and you’re laying on that sheet, Woo. Yeah, you’re on the sheet. It takes your breath away,

20:32                                     your room temperature is the temperature of the sheets. That’s how breathable they are. So, uh, what was happening is a middle, well, no, even the beginning of winter we were, we were getting into our 10 cell sheets and holy smokes, if they weren’t freezing. Okay.

20:47                                     So he’s not telling you the beginning parts of that. I’m always cold anyways. We always just says, you’re a baby. But I kept getting into the bed and it got to the point where I was just like, oh, I can’t stay in touching it. So I got my Sherpa blanket and I laid it down and folded in on top of me and then I pulled the sheets over me. So no part of that. She was touching me and he’s like, why are you doing that? I’m like, it’s so cold. Literally. Was that called, it literally was like cool. Because, um, I, I, I’m the properties of the sheet, they just do not hang on to heat. They dispel it so quickly. So the, the sheets remain that cold and that actually was kind of a blessing because we got another, another stylish sheet into the store for a winter and we’ll bring them back out again.

21:29                                     This one jury and it’s the flannel sheets, but we’ll talk about that during our winter session. She’d talk. So, um, yeah, so thank you for watching our, our, our show on sheets and now that you’re full of sheep knowledge, um, wait, you forgot the last sheet topic. Oh, what’s the she topic? Just want to say, our company that we’re representing right now up here is Maloof. We Rub mullet products and we really are impressed with the last sheet point, which is warranty factors. They weren’t he all their sheets, their microfiber has a three year. The tents on bamboo have a five year warranty. So you had problems between now and then with unthreading, random whole peers, a tear, anything like the elastic starts road. They, so it’s so easy. It’s just a one 800 number to call. So yeah, definitely. That is a plus. Yep. Yep. So, uh, with that we will close our show and we thank you for watching and remember when you sleep well, you live well. Have a great day. Bye Bye. Bye.

22:31                                     [inaudible].

22:35                                     Hi everyone. I’m Javier and I’m Gretchen and we really enjoy making good mornings. We’ll sleep all for you. So if you liked our show today, please subscribe, share, and give some feedback.