Avoiding Bedbugs this Vacation Season

There is no worse bug infestation than that of the evil little bedbug. This hearty little anthropoid spends its time eating/sucking your blood while you sleep! What can be worse than that!

I wanted to write this article before the Summer Vacation season to ensure everyone was ready and informed on how to keep bedbugs from coming home with you on your travels this year. Every year, starting in May and ending in September, we have many customers complaining about getting rid of bedbugs, replacing mattresses, and asking how to keep bedbugs from returning.

Keeping bedbugs from coming home with you this vacation season isn’t that challenging. First, admit that no hotel level is excluded from bedbug infestations. The best hotel on earth could and will at some point have…bedbugs.

Second, do yourself a favor, don’t put your suitcases, travel bags, etc., on the bed or floor. Instead, place your bags in the bathtub. Take apart the linens on your bed and inspect the seams of the mattress. If there is any sign of bedbugs, ask for another room (in another state).

Third, even if you’ve taken the precautions above, it is best to take precautions when you get home.

When you get home, do NOT put your bags on your bed. Instead, place them in the bathtub. Take all your clothing, dirty or otherwise and place it in the dryer for 45 minutes in de-wrinkle mode (this will kill the nits and eggs).

Another precaution you should take is to make sure you’ve bought and installed a full encasement mattress protector. A full encasement protector goes all the way around your mattress, and it’s designed to keep bedbugs from being able to hide in the seams of your bed and makes it way easier to detect and kill the bedbugs before they become a full infestation. Whenever we have a customer who says anything about traveling often, we tell them a fully encasing mattress protector is a must.