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Avoiding Bedbugs this Vacation Season

There is no worse bug infestation than that of the evil little bedbug. This hearty little anthropoid spends its time eating/sucking your blood while you sleep! What can be worse than that! I wanted to write this article before the Summer Vacation season to ensure everyone was ready and informed on how to keep bedbugs […]

Time to Look into an Adjustable Base

Lower back pain, snoring, acid reflux, swollen feet, leg elevation, and so on, and so on, it’s a list of ailments and conditions that an adjustable base can help you solve. All solved by just lifting either your head or your feet just a little bit to allow you to rest easier. One of the most common […]

Stress Reduction for Better Sleep

Who doesn’t have stress these days, from news to work to life in general? We’ve started moving so fast that sometimes we don’t know if we’re coming or going. This issue with living life this way is it can quickly start affecting parts of your health that you really should be keeping an eye on. […]

Adjusting your Sleep for a Healthy LifeStyle

Having an adjustable base/power base under a mattress was once just reserved for being ill and needing medical attention. Today having an adjustable base is commonplace in many homes. People have discovered advantages like elevating your head for reading in bed, watching TV, or reducing snoring. An adjustable base is an excellent addition for relieving back issues and achieving a […]

Need Help Finding the Right Pillow?

Do you wake up with pain in your neck? Do you develop headaches during midafternoon? These are both signs of having the wrong size pillow. Something as simple as having the wrong pillow can cause lasting or daily pain. The right pillow can not only eliminate neck pain and headaches, but it can also help […]

Have A Loved One Sleeping In A Recliner?

For most of us, a recliner is just a piece of living room furniture that we can occasionally nap on during a movie or sports on TV. However, a growing number of us have to use a recliner for our sleep at night due to medical issues. This trend has caused many concerns for loved […]

Coffee Keeps You Awake For How Long?

Is your afternoon pick me up robbing you of great sleep? It can. If you are in the habit of afternoon coffee to pick you up and keep you from napping in the office, that coffee could be stealing several hours of valuable deep sleep. Deep sleep is the part of the sleep cycle where […]