Affordable Storage and Decor Solutions to Tidy Your Small Space

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Your home is where you want to return at the end of the day, and it should feel comfortable and serene. It’s hard to feel comfortable, however, if your home is full of unorganized stuff. Whether you live in a small home or simply lack enough storage space, it’s possible to maximize the space you have and get better organized without spending a ton of money. It simply takes some creative strategies and smart shopping to love the space you have.

Double-Duty Furniture 

One of the best ways to make your home more organized is to choose furniture pieces that serve more than one function. For example, if you need a workspace, look for shelving to house books and knick-knacks that also has a built-in desk. Or, if you lack space in the living room, Apartment Therapy suggests creating a desk that also serves as a vanity in your bedroom. Also, a console table can be set up as a workspace where you can also keep cosmetics right at hand.

The best way to create these double-duty spaces affordably is to shop online at a major retailer like Crate and Barrel – just don’t forget to arm yourself with coupons and cashback offers first. Getting cash back allows you to invest in the perfect piece to get organized and beautify your space without busting your budget. Even better, purchasing the right double-duty furniture item is a better value than buying multiple items that make a small space feel even more cramped.

Make a Statement 

In a small home, it helps to define each space with decor that makes a statement. A monochromatic color palette for each designated space helps differentiate one room from another. You can create this effect with paint or a statement wall. Create that delineation affordably by finding coupons from major retailers, then purchasing just enough wallpaper to create your statement wall.

Use Decor that Deceives


Color can also be used to make a small space feel bigger. Decorating with white, light colors, and neutral colors makes any room feel more inviting, whereas darker colors can make you feel closed in. Along the same lines, using mirrors is another great trick for making a room feel more spacious. You can even use mirrors in less obvious places, such as on the outside of kitchen cabinet doors. Small decor items like these are incredibly affordable, and you can find nice options at retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond — just remember to use online discounts and check out clearance sales to help you save a few bucks in the process.

Think Up!


Even with these style tricks, your home will still feel small and crowded if you don’t have enough storage for everything. When the amount of space you have is limited, use walls to create new storage options. Shelves, storage cubes, hooks, and caddies can be used on just about any free wall space. You can even use walls for larger items like mounting the TV (rather than buying a large media cabinet) or mounting a drop-leaf table or desk. Another way you can free up floor space is by using hanging pendant lights or wall sconces. Save even more money by getting fixtures that are compatible with energy-efficient light bulbs.

Use Every Nook and Cranny


It’s easy to overlook those tiny spaces in your home that don’t seem to be useful, but those little spaces can actually be the perfect solution for extra storage. If you have a small amount of space between a set of cabinets and doorway, that can be an ideal spot for floating shelves like these featured on Better Homes & Gardens. Make sure you use all of your cabinet space too. In kitchens and bathrooms, much of your cabinet space gets wasted, but you can store much more (and find things more easily) by adding affordable organizers inside cabinets.

Just because you have a small house doesn’t mean you have to live with clutter. It takes a little work and creativity, but the trick to getting the most out of your small space is to maximize every nook and cranny. With unique storage solutions and smart shopping, you can have a neat and organized home on a budget.

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Julian Lane



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