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Adjusting your Sleep for a Healthy LifeStyle

Having an adjustable base/power base under a mattress was once just reserved for being ill and needing medical attention. Today having an adjustable base is commonplace in many homes.

Woman learning how the functions of an adjustable base work.People have discovered advantages like elevating your head for reading in bed, watching TV, or reducing snoring. An adjustable base is an excellent addition for relieving back issues and achieving a pain-free sleep.

Adding an adjustable base to your current bedroom furniture isn’t an ordeal either. Most beds are easy to fit an adjustable base, a couple of slat removals, and wah-lah, you’ve got an adjustable base in your bedroom.

Newer adjustable base models come with an automatic lift to eliminate snoring, Bluetooth for remote control by using your phone, and lumbar support added for extra comfort. Some newer bases even come with cooling fans to help reduce body heat build-up.

Getting an adjustable base is easy to add better sleep, additional comfort, and pain relief to your life. Give us a call, or drop by to see what an adjustable power base can do for you.


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