How many times have you visited a store and walked out with new friends? That’s our mission at Live Well Mattress & Furnishing Centres.  Our goal is to KNOW about our products and be able to SELL to you, our customer, the right mattress, the best piece of furniture, or the best bedding product that you need.

We constantly research, train, and teach. From our videos like Sleep Coach, Good Mornings, and Sleep in the News, you can experience the stuff we learn.  We want to share that knowledge with you to help you find a better, healthier life with better sleep.

Our furnishings are unlimited. Most companies find a couple of vendors and stick with them because it is easier for them to remember what sells and what they can resell repeatedly. There is nothing customer-friendly about that. Our outlook is “Why limit our customers?” and because of that we have contracts with over eight major furniture brands. Yes, it can be overwhelming, but if you give us your idea, we can find the piece you need!

Live Well isn’t just a name, it is our goal for all our customers!

Set your fears at ease. We offer a 30-day satisfaction promise. If your mattress is not a match, don’t fret!  

Come see us today!

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