5 Ways Sleep Can Help Your New Year Resolution

The Top 5 New Year Resolutions for 2024, according to Forbes and Young.Gov, are:

  1. Improved fitness (48%)
  2. Improved finances (38%)
  3. Improved mental health (36%)
  4. Lose weight (34%)
  5. Improved diet (32%)

In this post, we’ll go over how Sleep can help you stick to your resolutions and succeed in reaching those goals.

One of the best allusions to Sleep I have ever heard is to think of Sleep as a leg in the three-legged stool of a healthy life. The other legs on the stool are Diet and Exercise. When you have all three legs on your Healthy Life stool, you can rest on that stool and know it is stable. However, when one of those legs isn’t in place, you can’t find balance, and life is not in a good place.  

Sleep is as important as what you eat, as essential as breathing, and finally, as necessary as your heartbeat. So many of us take advantage of Sleep, we don’t respect what it does, and we take away the time we should dedicate to it and give that time to things that don’t help us. 

Your New Year Resolutions are Goals because they are important to you. So why not use a tool you already have to use to improve the performance of your resolution? Let’s go over how each of the Top 5 Resolutions can be helped by better Sleep:

Improved Fitness: Most people want to improve their fitness because they want to have more energy throughout the day. They want to keep up with events without running out of breath and feeling spent. 

Sleep can help with improving your fitness by improving your recovery. You only get fit when you recover, not when you are straining. Your improvement is dependent on recovery. Therefore, Sleep is necessary for your resolution, just as much as exercise and activity are.

Improved Finances: Improved Finances are key to anyone wanting to stay ahead of bills and move forward towards being debt-free or having the purchasing power to get ahead. Most people attribute improved finances to balancing budgets and improving savings. Both activities involve having the mental and psychological fortitude to stick to your budgets and savings. Sometimes, this is harder than we initially think it is. 

Sleep helps with your finances by improving your mental strength and understanding. Sleep clears the cobwebs and keeps you sharp. When you’re sharp and thinking straight, you have the strength to see that buying that extra pair of shoes isn’t helping you save for a rainy day. 

Improved Mental Health: Are you aware that there are mental health epidemics ongoing in our nation right now? I wasn’t. During research for this post, I found that our country is undergoing one of the most significant mental health declines ever seen. Things like loneliness and depression are growing at alarming rates. Someone seeking better mental health, according to Forbes and other resources, is seeking a way to express themselves in healthy ways. They seek a way to escape the feeling of being locked into patterns they don’t feel they can. People have a severe want/need for this coming year.

Sleep can help overcome this feeling by energizing you. Good Sleep will help you recover and rest. Your mental health is affected by lack of Sleep. In fact, according to the National Institute of Health, sleep deficiency is the leading cause of depression and suicidal thoughts. Sleep is a necessity that many of us are taking for granted. If this is your resolution, I encourage you to seek better Sleep. Step one is to build on your Sleep; step two is to find a way to reach your goal AFTER finding better Sleep. It would fall into place with better rest and recovery, which would be much more accessible.

Lose Weight: Did you know that someone only sleeping 6 hours a night will, on average, gain 10 lbs of weight every year that they are doing it? It’s a stat that has been proven again and again. Sleep deficiency is a leading cause of weight gain; it’s right after what you eat. 

Sleep can help you with your weight struggle by allowing you to improve your willpower to overcome snacking. How? Sleep is a hormone balancer; during sleep, your body balances out hormones that can get out of whack and cause you to feel hungry even when you aren’t. Better Sleep stops the cravings and allows you to stop tossing everything within sight in your mouth. Less calories, and more willpower all start with better Sleep.

Improved Diet: Who doesn’t want to eat healthier? Eating healthy is a challenge to many people, and it can mean many things. It can mean fewer snacks, or it can mean better foods. Eating healthy means making better choices. In today’s world, though, the rush, the pace, and the anxiety caused by life’s stresses cause us to eat what we find quickly. This resolution involves willpower, knowledge, and rested minds to make better judgments.

Sleep can help with an improved diet by resting your brain, balancing your hormones, killing cravings, and helping your body feel more rested. Take a load off of stress and strain just by improving your Sleep. With that, you can hold your hand back from that plate of cookies, keep from reaching out for that soda, and make it easier to grab water instead. 

It sounds like Sleep is some overstated superpower and that maybe I simplified the challenges of these resolutions, but I truly hope you’re seeing that Sleep can and will help you get through to your goals. At the very least, it will strengthen your resolve and make getting to the other side of success easier. 

What’s the worst thing that can happen by improving your sleep?  

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