Female laying on pillow resting peacefully

3 Reasons Why You Need a New Pillow

Young man with pillow in his arms signaling a headacheDo you blame your sleep position when you wake up with neck pain or headaches? Or maybe your bed? Or even stress? It could most likely be your pillow. Sleeping with the wrong pillow can cause all kinds of issues. For good information on which pillow for which sleep style read this blog – Need Help Finding the Right Pillow.


The good news is that finding the right pillow eliminates the problems instantly, but you have to know what to look for.


Here are three issues caused by having the wrong pillow for your needs:


  1. Allergens – Your pillow, especially fiber-filled pillows, can hold years of allergens.

Allergens can cause hay fever flare-ups, sinus issues, skin rashes, and, more seriously, cause issues for people with asthma.


  1. Headaches – Your pillow can cause headaches. Having your head in the wrong position for hours at a time can cause the nerves and vessels in your neck to constrict, which can cause issues with pressure in your head, leading to headaches.


  1. Shoulder/Neck Muscle Pain-Having a pillow that is too high can stretch your neck muscles, causing pulled muscles and pain when you turn your neck to look sideways. A pillow that is too low can cause shoulder blade pinches and hurt your neck the next day.


Finding the right pillow is easy. When you come in, we’ll ask you what type of bed you sleep on. Is it plush or firm? Then we’ll find a mattress close to the feel of the one you have at home and start to fit you to the right pillow.



Our Shoulder Pillows by Malouf fit the majority of side sleepers, but lately, we’ve had an influx of people needing cooler support for both side and back sleeping.  That’s where our Technogel Anatomic and Technogel Contour pillows come in.  The Technogel Anatomic is meant for wider shoulder girth, whereas the Technogel Contour is a lower loft for slighter shoulders and more prominent back sleepers.


The first thing to do is lay down in your regular sleep position, and place the pillow as you usually would. Then we check to see if your spine and neck are lined up. Trying to eliminating any upslope or downslope in the line between the neck and spine. The straighter you are, the better off you will be. It’s that easy, pillow fitting takes a couple of minutes and the results are worth it. Imagine, no more neck pain or headaches!