2021 Lazy One Pajamas Launch Party Video

Onesies, PJ’s, and Slippers, oh my!

Transcription of this video is below:

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hello everybody. And welcome to our lazy one Christmas reveal. Our order has officially come in and I’m here to show off some of our new products and I’m hoping it’ll well, you like it Welby.

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All right, guys, I’m going to start off with what we have here displayed on the table, and I’m going to be rotating around to kind of show you everything because we have so much to show you. And we know that Christmas is right around the corner two months from today, um, from day of recording. But I do want to say with the shipping issues, that’s going on right now, they’re saying I’m shop now. Don’t wait, because if you wait, you might not have a Christmas, but as far as Christmas gifts goes, these can be any time. These aren’t just for Christmas, but why not give somebody with somebody naked use year round, right? Staying warm is something super important, especially us desert lizards. We love the work. So I’m going to start off with some warm talk here, and I’m gonna start off with our brand new slippers. I’m starting off with these because we have tiger pride here. Yes we do. [inaudible] we have these in children’s sizes and adult sizes. They’re super warm. They have traction on the bottom and I know you probably can’t see it on the camera, but there are little beads on the bottom so that they’re not going to be slippery. And they’re super squishy guys, super squishy, very soft. Wonderful. And they make a statement, don’t they? Yes, sir. I’m saying every teacher needs to have these. They need to be wearing them at school.

Speaker 1: (01:32)
Next. We have another line of a gym aware women. I know there’s always going to be those that prefer maybe some boxers. So my preferred pants, so might be for a long gas and I prefer hooded ones. These are fuzzy robes. Anything about such, I’m going to show you the new winter wear. When it comes to a gym, aligns for Ganz. This is one of the gallons you can see it’s going to go down to about the knee. And this is a nice footprint. It has the moose on there with the snowflakes and it screams winter. Right? But the nice thing about these is they aren’t too thick. They are too heavy. So if you happen to live somewhere, that’s warm. You’re thinking like warmer climates for gifts, Florida, California, places that don’t get extremely hot. These would prime. We have another set here, which is going to be bare and it’s gray.

Speaker 1: (02:24)
And the nice thing about this is it has a little bit of the snow trees on there, but there’s not really a feel of Christmas in this. So you can read this any time you want it. This isn’t limited. In other words, all right on for Christmas, this one is going to be a short sleeve. Instead of a long sleeve, still goes down to about the knee. And this one has a real nice little moose on there that says muscle toe. So that one gives you a nice Christmas vibe. These are all a hundred percent cotton pre shrunk. Nothing’s going to change on you. Okay? And this right here is a cute bear hug shirt. Look at the bad guys. They completed it in the back. So those arms for the Bayer are wrapped all the way around you in that super cute bear hug.

Speaker 1: (03:07)
All right, next, we have our wonderful Loma. This one right here says follow Lama. But I say Yama because we’re in New Mexico and it’s two L’s, you know that, but this right here as a super cute look that you can carry on with a little bit of humor, um, with the Lama on there and he’s dressed up in his crew Christmas, uh, why am I forgetting scarf? I’m with it today, guys. And this is very similar to the other one that we saw, except this one’s going to be all in red. So that right there is our new line that we have over a female. My gowns, I do believe I might have one more hanging coming in a little bit. So keep tight for that one. All right, next, we’re going to be talking about socks are fuzzy socks. We got last year were such a hit.

Speaker 1: (03:58)
Everybody wanted a pair. They’re not expensive, but these are even fuzzier and fluffier than once you get at the store. I don’t know if you can see the width of this. These things are super squishy. Like if you roll these up, you could make your mocks. I’m just kidding. But these right here would be great. Um, for the winter time. And I know this because I have a couple pair because I live in these things, not just at Christmas, I’m not embarrassed to say that I like my near ramped. So we have some with guy trucks, that’s right. Men get cold feet. Men deserve to have babies too. You can be putting them up underneath that, those long pans that you might wear in the evenings and stuff like joggers and stuff. But these things really work. We also have the bear, which is in gray.

Speaker 1: (04:42)
We also have some fun colors. So if you, somebody that loves color, go for it. Another male sock, it can be female as well, but the red and black checker is another huge thing. That’s always been like the black and white checkers been popular red and black checkers in the popular. So here is red with mousse and then a female touch. We have the pink and it’s a lot like a plan mix here of black, white ish because of the pink is ish. And it’s also going to have the bottom. I need to talk about that. Guys almost forgot. There’s the glue bottoms to this, the little gel beads that make it non-skid. So this is not something that you have to worry about losing traction. If you have a tile floor. So wonderful family out of all of our fuzzy socks, bigger expansion than we had last year, we also have our different lines of mukluks.

Speaker 1: (05:34)
This right here is a short McCulloch. So it goes like this and your foot goes in it and it’s got leather bottoms to it. And it comes around that the top part of your ankle down. So this would be really easy to wear with a long pant, but if you’re like me and you want something that covers as much of you as possible because you freeze mukluks that are tall. So I’m going to take this out just to show you how tall. And these are nice because they have the little string that hang down. So it gives it a little bit of a decoration feel to it. And it does have the leather bottoms to it. So you’ve got your little compounds hanging off of there, but as you can see, this is a tall socks. So this is going to keep you nice and warm.

Speaker 1: (06:16)
All right, now we have some fun slippers. If you want a character where, um, some of our pajamas, like I’ve been saying how bears and moose and stuff like that on there. And what’s really nice is we also have slippers for children and for adults, we have moose and we have the slippers that are bare. Now I was going to say, bare feet. They’re little cute bears, but the bottoms of them also have those beads, the rubber beads. I don’t know if it’s rubber or plastic, but any hoo it’s got the beads on the bottom. So these are not going to be slippery. And then it also has the cuffs that go around the ankles. You can leave up or you can fold down. We’ve pulled them down to expose the color cause it’s really cute. And honestly, when you’re putting on stuff, it’s faster, you just pull it on real quick.

Speaker 1: (07:00)
And again, the same thing with our moose. They’ve got the cute little antlers and stuff that stick up. Now, we also have buzzy beet and what’s wonderful about fuzzy feat. We have these available for men, women, children, and these right here are more of the masculine field. So if you’re one who doesn’t want to have the crazy socks or the crazy look to your feet, this is maybe blue and ivory. This is super soft Sherpa field. And it’s got the beads on the bottom. And these again are for children all the way up to adults. We have those with the moose. We have dogs for the dog lovers and cats, but a cat livers can’t go wrong there. Right? So if you guys are interested in anybody’s, we have a lot more guys, we have candy canes. We have all kinds of stuff. As far as design for these shoes, I’m bringing these out just so you can see what we got though.

Speaker 1: (07:47)
So last on the table that I’m going to talk about with you right now as a men’s lineup. This is all the box. We’re where, okay, our boxers are going to be funny. So if you have children watching a video and you need to make sure you maybe have them go watch some TV or something, because some of these are going to be sarcastic, um, in an adult way, nothing inappropriate. It just kind of pushes the envelope. So if you have a child that you want to worry about, maybe having to watch TV onto the news for our adults, we have all of our wonderful line of loose and fitted boxers guys. So I’m going to be showing you a few of these. This is not all of them, but it’s a few of them. So you get an idea of a joke. These are great for all your Christmas parties, especially for the air force, uh, Christmas groups, um, from church or anything of that such, you can really throw in a good, funny with these, but this one says quack, and it’s got the duck on there.

Speaker 1: (08:42)
This one here says buttload, and it’s got the gun with the bullets and it’s a button fly in the front. I meant to show you that too. On the other pair. This one right here, Hey, we live near the space museum. This winter, here’s the gas giant. And it looks kind of like Saturn. We also have this one right here is for all the golfer guys, whole in one, here is a hole in one size, all our beer drinkers calling your name. Now we have Barry air. As you can tell, they’re all kind of related to the lower areas here. We got rain in the rear or pain in the rear, excuse me. I’m not wearing my glasses. I thought it was an heart pain in the rear. So don’t squat on a cactus. I be surprised how many people accidentally do that. I mean, it’s never really, really done on purpose, but oh, you hear the stories and it’s really bad.

Speaker 1: (09:36)
All right. Well with bull, how many people do you know that could use a pair of these all then calories out here, guys. This is funny stuff that and the gun loaded there. All right, extinct. We happened to be in New Mexico, a place where they find fossils. So extinct would be a great one to add to any of those archeologists. You might know this one here is for all you fishermen. All right, check your fly. You got burial, water, fly fishing that is on the front. Most of the prints and stuff like that, just letting you know we’ll be on the back of the boxers. This one happens to be on the front. So it blends in with the button for the fly. The back of it’s bear.

Speaker 1: (10:20)
This one I love does it make, do these shorts make my bass look big. All right, you got a nice sized bass right here. Now these are our, uh, example of our fitted boxers. So these right here you’d wear any of your clothes. No problem. I like regular underwear. This one says barking, spider and the spider saying Wolf Wolf. And on the front, it’s like regular underwear with the pocket here. We got going commando. I know we’re a military town for our air force go air force. But we also have army very close with Fort bliss and stuff. This would be great.

Speaker 1: (10:57)
Here’s another pair of the fitted ones and it’s man, you’re hot, but it looks like Monday. We’re all right. Any artists out there? This one right here is pretty funny. You’ve got the horse painting like a little Bob Ross and it says hook farting, but it’s already not all right. Be aware of the force. How many star wars fans do we have out there? Everyone. We have a whole lineup. By the way, of all of this, be aware of the force from once these two shirts and bottoms, like the long John bottoms or the loose bottoms to the boxers to socks like everything. So if you’re looking for this, even though I think we even had something for the dogs at one time, like the bandanas, but if you guys are looking for anything for family picture photo, guys, that would be a great set. Next. We have pull my finger and it’s a little rascal. It’s the nice little wracking.

Speaker 1: (12:05)
Here’s another fitted payer. They’re bright. You can’t lose these, but it says crop duster. We all have those. I’m telling you what those right there should be worn by every man in Walmart. You know what I’m talking about, women, all right. This one right here is one of my favorites because it asks you a very philosophical question. Does a bear sit in the woods? We all know that answer. All right, everybody who loves bacon, raise your hand. Yes. Bacon. The way we need that more, right? No, we don’t need more of that. But that’s pretty funny because we know a lot of guys that have that problem, right? Some women do right. Trying to shake the wrinkles out. So you can really see this. This one was one of my funny ones because I have a best friend, female from high school that we’re still best friends since seventh grade.

Speaker 1: (12:58)
And we used to call each other button nugget. And when I saw these, I was like, no way. And I sent her a picture like we have button, I get boxers. So button or get, and of course it’s a chicken lean and a hence the name. And here’s another pair of skid marks at different version in a loose fit. So you have fitted and loose for skimmers. Now that is all the boxer wine that I brought out here. But we do have more guys. We do have some that are hanging, for example, display. And we have them all placed down on the floor for you on a rack twice size. So it’s easy shopping. And we would encourage you to come on in, check out the quality and see what else is available onto the next project.

Speaker 1: (13:44)
All right, now it’s time for photos. Yay. We’re thinking Christmas cards. Everyone loves Christmas time because that’s when you get to see the photo with a family where you get to follow up on how big the kids have gotten and every Christmas, what the theme is. And if you have friends and relatives and all this stuff that you like to share that with, it’s perfect. And we have really jumped the bandwagon here in and gone for it. We realized the Wednesdays are a huge, popular thing to do with family pictures. And we do have some sets that have multiple sizes from children. Everything’s children all the way up to adults. Okay? So with those, I’m going to show you some of our options that we have just so you can see what’s available. I’m going to start here on my right now, this right here is a child piece.

Speaker 1: (14:27)
It’s a child, one Z, this one or the two toddler. And it does, we do have sizes that go all the way down to six months. Okay. This one right here is a Wednesday that says bear balm on it. Super cute. Especially with cloud prompt and everything. I mean, you’re thinking about something. That’s going to care you through areas, not just, you know, you like to have something, a little indigenous to the area this right here, current crop right there. You can’t miss it have bears. Mescalero does too. So in Ridoso. So this right here is a wonderful gift idea. It’s also a wonderful photo idea and children can wear it and wear it and wear it anywhere. And this is a button-up drop bottom. Okay. So if they’re still using pull-ups and stuff like that, keep in mind, it is a drop on them.

Speaker 1: (15:10)
You can still access stuff. So the front of us, I can show you easier with the adult ones, but this one right here has the sleeves pulled in. Let me just take this off the hanger. I’m going to show you what this looks like in full glory. Now, what you know exactly what you’re getting. Whenever you pull up here for Wednesday, but this right here is an example of the onesy. And this is the back of the Lindsey. And it looks exactly the same for the adults. Okay? So when you’re shopping in the store and you’re looking for sizes, keep in mind. All of these are going to look the same. As far as the style, it’s a straight style, um, from neck, all the way down to the cuff of your ankle, booties on these ones. So they’re bomb. Again, we have them available. They get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger all the way up to, I think, uh, extra or extra, extra large.

Speaker 1: (16:00)
Next we have moose caboose. What’s different about this one is my husband. I believe no, you were the bear brown. Didn’t you? My husband’s recording some, ask it. When I share, we forced him to wear Wednesdays. Cause we decided to do a Wednesday day. Melanie and I have Wednesdays on, we didn’t care. We were thinking it was so much fun. We were so comfortable. I mean, guys, come on going to work in your onesies, Hulu. This one right here is a super cute onesy. I think this is the one that Melanie wore, not my husband. And what’s nice about it is you have this nice checkered back to it. This is the drop panel again. Okay. And this one says moose caboose. And it has the same style with the lump sleeves, the buttons that go up the front and then it’s cuffed down at the ankles. Okay.

Speaker 1: (16:46)
This one right here says tailgate. And this was a tailgate, a little theme that they had going on. So if you like the idea of going out and chopping down the Christmas tree and all that, come home, have yourself out hot cocoa this right here. This is the theme of that. So it takes you to the winter Wonderland. Um, but this one right here is a really cute theme with the black and white checkered it on there. Everyone loves the black recheck. Her is so popular and again, it’s black and white checkered all the way up. It’s got the red color and then the cops at the bottom next we have bare cheeks. Okay. This was one of the adult Wednesdays. So I can’t hold it up all the way, but I’m going to show you here all the way down. We got a like, okay, all the way to the top.

Speaker 1: (17:33)
This is the back of the one’s eight. And this one right here says bare cheeks on there. This is the one that my husband more is bare cheeks. Okay. And when I say they wore these, it’s not this exact one. It’s when they have, and then on the front, it’s got a little bear paw print on here. Sorry, reversed the camera. And it’s buttoned up all the way. And then it’s got the cuffs on the ankles and on the wrists. All right, next, we have main attraction. All right. Horse levers. This is awesome. This one right here is old horse themed. All of these pattern pieces here. They’re all horses in gray and tan. And it’s kind of like a Heather Gray, dark, Heather Gray in the background or a charcoal. And it just makes them stand out. But it’s still subtle and really nice, super comfortable. And then the front of it, it’s going to have a pattern all the way down the front. And you also have the ivory on the collar and around the cost of your ankles and your wrists. All right. Now all of us that like to freeze during the winter, I’m just kidding. We don’t like to freeze Dewey, but we do. So I found us some extra warm pajamas. I’m going to show you guys wait, stay tear. You’re not going to want to miss this one.

Speaker 1: (18:59)
Yes. Okay guys, I’m back with the good step. When I say good stuff. It’s all good. But I’m saying the warm stuff. That’s what I’m saying. Okay. I automatically go to the fuzzy stuff because I like fuzzy and warmth and all of this screams it. And I love it. And I’m going to start with what we got here on this chair, which you can’t see. Can I get you to pan down for me? Camera man, this hoodie is amazing. And when I say I’m looking for something that’s going to offer you worms, you have warmth here. You have a footie, which is really nice because of the fact that you don’t have any slide bottom to it. So you have nice traction there. Okay? Very long legs guys. I don’t know if you can see how long this is and the reason they do that is because they don’t know if this is going to be on a man or a woman.

Speaker 1: (19:43)
These are unisex. It has a zipper. It’s got these nice snazzy little pockets here in the front tier. So all of us, whenever we’re walking around the house and we need pockets, pockets, whether it’s a tissue or whatever you can around. So you got pockets. The cops on here are gray and guys look, it’s great. I love it. I love it a little bit, a little bit, but this right here is one of the two that we got. This one has to know man on it. So it can be an Arctic theme and go year round. It doesn’t have to be something that’s just going to be for Christmas. And next we have it in gray with the beers. So if you’re looking for something that has beers, you like a bear game, same thing. So, so soft, this material is amazingly soft. Okay. So if you want something and grab a, got gray with bears, or if you want to go with snowman, we have that Arctic little collection there that mutable and we got asked, could you please bring in the robes?

Speaker 1: (20:43)
Lazy one has amazing rooms. Can you please bring in robes? Well guess what guys we got rooms. All right. Yeah. Let’s show you the quality of a lazy one robe for the gentlemen out there. Of course we have a nice, fancy, soft, super soft robe. It’s got the big box pockets on the front. It’s obviously got the tie around the waist. It’s got the nice little lapel that, that blends in and all of this. I can’t tell you how soft it is. Like you just can’t stop touching it. It’s that material that reminds me of something a baby would have on a blanket or on a super, super nice elegant sweater or something. It’s just wonderful. Oh my goodness. Awesome. But there’s one. I, my is for the gents. Okay. We also have it available in red and black. Again, we’ve got that checker pattern.

Speaker 1: (21:30)
Again, this could be male or female, and we also have it available in gray and black, except this one has that nice Sherpa guys. It’s on the so it’s nice and fluffy and extra warm, gray and black. And you can see, we got these colors that would work for both men and women. So anybody can get these. We have those names. This is the extra. And again, I was talking to you about this one has no man. And what’s nice about this. Gentleman. Patterns are all happy and stuff, but this can be worn again year round because it’s lightweight a hundred percent cotton, but it covers enough. You put your little fuzzy feed on with this. You’re good to go. This one right here is the snowman Arctic theme. Next we have for the gentlemen. Again, you can put any t-shirt guys, any t-shirt. We have one of these left.

Speaker 1: (22:20)
I know it’s so sad to say that we have one t-shirt left. These are very lightweight. Very, very wonderful. If you guys touch this material, you’re going to be like, what is that? It’s so awesome. It’s 65% polyester, 35% cotton guys. This stuff is amazing. And this is a man shirt. This is a man’s medium. So they run quite big. Okay. What’s nice about this. I’m showing you any gray shirt can go with these. You guys like to match stuff for whenever you have company and stuff. So you can lounge in your nice, comfortable clothing. That’s going to be set aside for just sleep wear. Well, guess what? You can look really snazzy these. So he’s right here as a pair of the, um, long Johns that are available. Again, men or women they’re permanently primarily, excuse me for a man, but either one can wear these.

Speaker 1: (23:07)
They have the extra within the middle. So it’s going to give you that really baggy look, I know that the popular thing with leggings or not leggings, but long Johns, they have the cop at the bottom. So you don’t have to worry about your pants, swallowing, your shoes and stuff like that. You can comfortably rose with anything, but again, PERT with a gray t-shirt your set, put a black t-shirt with it. You’re set anything about such. You don’t like those. You want to go with something else? Guess what? Here we go. Not a pair of long Johns. These are made over a long drawn material. And if you’re familiar with that, a ribbed material that long Johns are made out of that’s what these are. And these right here are you hiking theme? So you’ve got trees and moose and you’ve got the Thai waste ban.

Speaker 1: (23:50)
You’ve got the buttons in the front. I mean, they went all out. You also have the extra material gathering here in the middle and it says, take a hike because what do we like to do? We’d like to go hiking. That’s right. I’m wearing the hiking shirt too. But these have the nice cups on the bottom too. So they’re not going to ride up on you and get lost. And when I say that, whenever winter comes around, remember static clean, oh my goodness. It takes over the world. All right, now we’re on to a next piece that I love. We have ourselves, a new shirt of a little bit of the red and black. We have ourselves a pair of loose long Johns, red, and black. We have ourselves a wonderful little rope. I’m on the wrong side camera, a wonderful rope here that would pair up with that very nicely. As a matter of fact, I believe we have those fuzzies that are also red and black dude. If you’re into round black, we got you. We have the three quarter length shirts. We have the long sleeve shirts and we have the regular t-shirt links available in the different options on the rack. This one happens to be long sleeve all the way down. Okay.

Speaker 1: (24:58)
We decided to try some of the fancier versions of pajamas. Okay. I decided to bring in a fancier look. So if you happen to be like, let’s say at a wedding or you know, a cruise, I don’t know something fancy. You want to feel fancy. Guess what? Pen strives guys. We got this. This is made of like T not t-shirt material, but it’s a hundred percent cotton it’s made of the button up shirt, material, super soft. So it’s got a nice little feel to it. It’s not supposed to appeal. So you have to worry about appealing. Um, but it’s a super soft cotton. That almost feels like a flannel, but it’s not. Cause it doesn’t grab your fingers like flannel with, but you’ve got the pants. The pants have an elastic with your draw strings and buttons in the front. And these are going to be a regular back.

Speaker 1: (25:48)
It doesn’t have that extra gap. It’s like the long Johns had that extra panel addition in there. These are straight. So they go all the way down to the bottom and are wide linked. Okay. So Nancy and then we come to themes. All right, my husband and I have these there’s mama and Papa bear. We do the difference between the mama and Papa bear. Two things, the pants and the shirts, but, um, right. The shirts for the women are going to be pretty quarterly. As you can see here. And at the mama bear field, who’s not a mama bear. I mean, everyone’s a mama bear at heart, right? And then the woman’s long dawns have a black band on them. And they also have bears all over. I’m has the draw string has the button field on the front and it’s going to be a straight leg, long John with the cup on the bottom.

Speaker 1: (26:41)
So these right here are mama bear. And then you need your Papa bay or your Papa bear is going to have a short sleep. So that’s the big difference in the shirts. So you have Papa bear with the short sleeve. Okay. And then you have the pants. Now these are going to be big and baggy again, women, if you weren’t bagging so long Johns or Ben, you went long. Johns did a baggy do what you want. The pants. The patterns are exactly the same. It’s just the cut. This one is going to be a loose fit. The other ones are long Johns for a more fitted fit. Okay. But these are super cute in our wide leg all the way down. Nice and roomy. Now you get to see our lady, the one box that got all of our stuff in, right? There’s more guys. I still have all the stuff to talk about. Go get yourself a drink. I’ll be right back.

Speaker 1: (27:32)
All right guys, we are back with all of the kiddos stuff. You know, we shop for our kids because we like what they wear. We want to make them look like something we like, right. So I would play with their toys first, too. So with this, I like to know what you guys like. So please, if you guys have not already subscribed or if you like our video and maybe share our video, um, we would totally appreciate it. But I do want you to know, we are trying to get as much flair out there so that not everybody looks the same, some of our kids. So when these are up, just keep in mind. Some of these are pajamas. Some of them are not, and women can be used as pajamas because they’re babies. So I’m going to start off with our cute little romper or no, these aren’t rompers.

Speaker 1: (28:18)
These are Wednesdays. And these are the short ones. These they’re called creepers. I’m sorry, this one’s creeper a little stinker. So this has a little girl, uh, pink, peach, salmon, whatever you want to call color with a skunk on Marin is said little stinker on it. Then we turn around. It says it wasn’t me. So these are like cute little comical themes too. This will look adorable. Year-round you can even put little pants over that. And it would look adorable as a shirt. We also have our junior Rangers and you know, I think this is super fun because we have Lincoln national borders right there. We also have white sands, a monument, and we have all kinds of Rangers driving around this way. Here is so cute because you imagine if your child was dressed like this and you saw a ranger, you get a picture with them.

Speaker 1: (29:06)
It’s so cute. Teach them about smokey bear. We also have young buck. All right. So we also have trophy wife and trophy husband. And this one is young buck. So you could put all three of those versions together. Again, family photo, young book here. We’ve got our little farmer. That’s what is called creeper lumberjack. Sorry. It’s not a farmer to remember Jack. I should know that by the overalls, but it’s a cute little Jean look. And if you had to put him with a pair of jeans with this, it would still like suspenders over neath the top of shirt right there. Don’t be totally cute. That’s why you’re such a cute little piece. I want it. I have a pair. Yes he does. And he wears Pampers. I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. I love you. But he is my lumber Jack, so he can wear that’s good.

Speaker 1: (29:58)
Next we have our product. This is the one I was thinking of. This one right here is so cute. It’s a little farm around a bit. You can put this on them also for like Halloween. If you’re looking for ideas for your little kiddos, um, put some long Johns on with them or some little stretch pants or some little leggins. As matter of fact, we got some cute Wiggins. I’m going to show you some of these kiddo later. Now these are the kind of wagons I would say to put over a little creeper. But I would say these are adorable. You just wait. All right, girls. I know. Are you saying who? Oh, it’s the red and black check again to who knew it. Cute bear. These are like little warm sweater pants, but they’re leggins and they’re open on the bottom so you can put whatever boot shoe or whatever you want with them.

Speaker 1: (30:48)
You don’t have to worry about it, pulling her pants down because I don’t know if you remember when you have a child crawling, running all this stuff, it’s constant motion and it makes those pants move around. But when it’s not being pulled on bottom of the feet, they stay up better. So there you go. These are the cute little bear pants. We also have polar bear. What’s nice about polar bears. It’s going to be this nice gray color. So it can be used again for anything. Not just Christmas there. We have a nice colorful one. Cause we love colors on our children. Right? I love it. This one’s called bare bum. Um, and it’s got like the little cute candy Stripe colors on there. Love it. Next we have tail end again. Horse lovers. Here you go. You can’t go wrong with that. And again, it’s those cute little stripes.

Speaker 1: (31:36)
They’re so adorable. We also have a snowman BMP and you can tell these are all different sizes. I just grab one of each. So just to show pictures. So they’re all different sizes starting from six months on up this one. I hear again, it’s going to be a winter theme. It’s more of an Arctic theme. Cause it’s the gray and the light blue. And then we have a cute little fun outfit. This right here is so cute. Reminds me of Baskin Robbins. I don’t know. What do you guys think? You tell me in the little notes down there, you guys tell me what you think of these. I love them because it says moose caboose. So this is the moose caboose. And again, that’s on the back and the front of them are just going to be the pink around the waist. And then it’s got the regular pamphlets.

Speaker 1: (32:20)
So that right there is going to be the last I’ve delayed it. I apologize. My wristwatch went off my bad. All right, now just shoes. We have boots again. These are for outside. Okay. You can use these ads. I do, but it’s all rubber tread. So if you’re going to be somewhere that has ice rain, anything besides dirt, like what we have outside our door, these are going to be safe for you. And yes, they’re good for the dirt too. These are all going to be made of suede. You have the Photoshop on the inside to keep them nice and warm. And the theme on this is going to be with a horse. So you have your horse theme yet again. Now, if you were to put the little horse pants with these boots, I just want to show you guys just how cute that would look.

Speaker 1: (33:06)
Look at that. The horse theme boots with that too cute guys. You got to come and look, you’re going to have fun. I promise you next. We have unicorn. We have unicorn everything. And if you’ve been to our boutique, you know this we have for adults, we have it for children. We have unicorn everything. So you name it unicorn. So these little shoes do not come in. Adult sizes, none of these boots, by the way, I’m sorry. I don’t. We’ve already told them. We really wish they made them an adult sizes too. But do you little sizes? We have small, medium, large, extra large. So when you’re learning on sizes and step, come in, bring your child with you. We will measure their foot. Let you know what size they have. Okay. Last we have fears. Of course we have bears. We bear everything. Look at the little ears on here.

Speaker 1: (33:55)
They flop around. Do unicorn has obviously the unicorn and the horse has the little hair on the face and then the ears that flop around. So they put a lot of detail and work into these. They’re super cute. Guys. You got to come see these. All right, last but not least. We have our ones use for the children that are going to be the tops and the bottoms that they compare together. All right. So the first one I’m going to show you is the original Lama that we had. You know, I was showing you the nightgown, the follow alumna. Well, this right here is going to be a starter step. It says go to bed. No problem. I wish it was no problem. I don’t know any child that runs to bed. Okay. But this is where there is. That gave me a good little lap.

Speaker 1: (34:43)
It’s cute. It’s got bright colors. It’s happy. And Lamas are fuzzy little creatures that are so cute too. So if you’re looking for something fun, there you go. Next, we have another bear outfit. This one right here is going to have the bear hug theme going on. Okay. And just like the pajamas that I showed you in the long, um, nightgown, it has the arms that rack all the way around. So you tugging your babies all the way around them. It’s so cute. And then you’ve got the little pajama pants that come with it that are like long dawns with the little cuffed ankles.

Speaker 1: (35:21)
Here’s another one. This one’s unicorns go fake here. We have lots of bees. This one I hear says stay magical. And it’s got a glitter horn. And the stay magical is all in silver glitter. So it’s got a nice little shimmer to it and it’s very fun. And then you’ve got the pants on the back. They have rainbows and unicorns, and then you’ve got the nice cuffs at the bottom too. That match her shirt too cute. Now you remember me showing you mama bear, Papa bear. Like what my husband and I have. Here’s the continuation mama bear, Papa bear for your children. So again, I’m thinking pictures for Christmas and what we have on the rack. Guys. We can’t replace. Unfortunately we have spoke to lazy one. They are so backed ordered with all the shipping issues going on all over the United States. So what we have is what we have. So if you’re thinking about a picture, don’t wait, what does the gone, it’s gone. And we have multiple sizes. So come grab yours before yours has gone. But instead of mama, Papa bear, this says little bear. And we also have it for the baby’s creepers. So if you need something for a baby, we have that as well. But this has the bear pants, just like the mom and dad did with the little black cuffs on the bottom.

Speaker 1: (36:40)
All right, moose. This is one of my favorites. I gifted some of my family members last year with these. And I love them. Of course, of course they were bought maybe not with my money. It was yours, but yeah, they were paid for any hair. The pluses of working at the store, this right here is going to be one of my favorite. This one is in moose. And what’s different about this moose. It’s not just a picture. This is like a fuzzy material applicate that sticks up. So, you know, like your Letterman jackets, how, when you would sew on your letters and stuff, it’s that really fuzzy? It’s almost like carpet. That’s what this is. It’s really cool. It’s all textured. And you’ve got long sleeves and you’ve got the striping there and on the back line as well as on the waistband and down below on the ankles. And then you have the nice little zigzag step going on here. So this right here is going to cover stains. It’s going to cover all kinds of stuff that happens with cans, right? This right here is wonderful. Again, adults and kids.

Speaker 1: (37:52)
All right. This one right here is my husband’s. He loves, I shouldn’t say it’s his, it’s his favorite. Okay. Cause he loves all the sugar schools. He’s a sugar school collector. So when I saw this, I was like, Ooh, this is going to be fun. This right here. And we moved that out of the way. This right here is the sugar school collection. And again, we have as in babies, kids and adults, okay. Do you have a sugar skull on the front? And it says dead tired. And then you have the pants. I say dead tired with all the sugar school faces all over it. So it’s super cute. You got the gray cups going on on the waistband and on the ankles. Very cute. And last but not least, I told you, made a forest, be with you is a theme that we have throughout the store.

Speaker 1: (38:34)
This right here, what it looks like for the kiddos. Let me move this out way. As you see the picture and it’s got a big moose on there and he’s got a three-dimensional helmet that sticks off of the actual shirt. So it’s super cute, extra little touches there, but it says, made a forest be with you. You’re just like the adult Wednesday. And then it’s got the little pants here that have, uh, the, what do you want to call her? She’s princess lay, but she’s a bear all over, um, on the pants as well as the Darth Vader moose. And uh, I guess that’s Obi wan Kenobi with his lightsaber. So, and lots of trees. So the only thing you’re missing here was the Imperial storm trooper. Maybe they’ll come up with that next year. Huh? All right. I showed you our wonderful kids line, but I have to say I saved my favorite for last.

Speaker 1: (39:29)
I know I should’ve covered it earlier, but I want it to be a last piece that we have for us, women who get cold. All right. I’m just going to reach around and grab it off his chair. All right guys. Oh yeah. Check it out this way. And here is like the biggest sweatshirt that’s made for sleeping and it’s thick, very thick. It’s more mobile. Wonderful. This one, a size small medium. So you can see these right here is this is a small moon. This is very Rooney. Look, it’s a small media. So these are very roomy. So if you want something that’s roomy, you can wear it with long Johns with any of your sleep. Hands, your socks, everything, girls, guys. This is awesome. I could probably not the guys, girls. This is awesome. So if you want thick and heavy and warm, this is it.

Speaker 1: (40:24)
And of course it says sleep in the wild because when you go camping, it’s your recharge. This shirt would be a recharge. I’m telling you. It just makes me want to go take a nap. Look at the inside red and black check. Yep. That’s right. It’s got a hoodie and it’s got the pocket in the front. That goes all the way through. Just like you would on a hoodie if you weren’t in public. So this right here, I say for last, because, and there was three patterns. This is just one. Let me show you the other one when I put, all right, so these are gonna be from male and female. So I know I said earlier now, probably not, but you know what? If you’re cold, you need to get more. Do what you gotta do. All right. This is the next one. It’s Navy blue with light blue bears on it.

Speaker 1: (41:15)
Do you see that wonderful, super thick, heavy duty. It’s got the two tone. So the inside is like a light gray. The outside is a dark blue, um, to accent. It’s got the pocket still. Wonderful. You gotta love your lazy one. Chronic. These are so well-made the last one is still in a bag, but it’s got moose on it and it’s also going to be an army green. So if you’re looking for something that has like a nice theme for somebody that right there we’ll go with anybody. So what blue and oh, my goodness, sleep in the wild is the best. I can’t wait. I might just have to buy that one too thinking, well, I hope you guys found a favorite piece for yourself and maybe your kiddos and maybe a friend or a family member. Um, but on top of that, I really hope that you guys will come into the store. Take a look for yourself, see the quality of the materials and make your choice. That way. If you guys were setting up your photos, don’t forget us. We have so much to offer. This is just going to be the line that carries you through from winter. And we have more guys. We have so much, so come check us out. We’d love to fit you with a nice pair of pajamas and help keep you warm until next time guys have a good one. I.