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Fishbowl ep19

Speaker 1: (00:03)
This week was out of this world. It was

Speaker 2: (00:06)
Definitely Spacey only getting worse. Hm. Hi, I’m Javier I’m Melanie. And you’re eating again.

Speaker 1: (00:17)
These toasted coconut marshmallows. These are handmade indulgent snacks. Are they good? They’re out of this world. Oh

Speaker 2: (00:27)
Good. Yes. Commander Melanie.

Speaker 1: (00:29)
I gave myself a promotion. Things have been moving at light speed here this week while I agree with you commander, it says command take control of the ship. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (00:42)
Yeah. And, and you have darling and you have,

Speaker 1: (00:47)
Wow. What are we, man? Greg has been telling me how good these were. She wasn’t lying. I haven’t had one

Speaker 2: (00:55)
Since we first got them. Now I

Speaker 1: (00:57)
Understand why she got these. I picked them off the shelf. Cause I thought they looked like space food.

Speaker 2: (01:03)
Uh huh. And you’re just going to finish the entire package you want? No, I’m good. Thank you. Where I’m hosting a show. All right. So this is fishbowl or weekly. Get together with you guys answering the questions that you want to know about shopping for furniture, shopping for mattresses, beginning, better sleep and some really good health tips and the occasional non craziness with our space cadet Melanie over here.

Speaker 1: (01:33)
So what is the deal with the space suit? Those are indulgent. Yes. We’ve established that and they’re non-GMO Hey, so, well I was thinking that, you know, we needed to kind of like, I was maybe overdoing the unicorn thing a little bit and I really like space in unicorns in outer space unicorns in outer space. Yeah. So I thought I would combine the two and I found this amazing space suit. And I used your credit card for the company, with my credit card. Yeah. The company’s credit card bought this. Look, it has a helmet. What happened to going to the thrift store? You can’t find this edit thrift store. I have been waiting for this moment, my entire life. You know, when I was really young, I was maybe Oliver’s age. We went to the dollar store or the dollar movie theater old school in Albuquerque 5 0 5.

Speaker 1: (02:32)
Yup. I’m from Albuquerque. And uh, we used to have this amazing dollar movie store, movie theater. That was also dollar movie stores too. You could actually read videos and VHS is I’m going off. Okay. So I saw one of these at the dollar movie theater when I went there with my brother and I could see it inside of the car and I’m still there and it’s dark and breaking into a car. No, we weren’t breaking in. We were going in to see the movie and I was with my brother. It was magic. So trying to get somebody had this in their car, on the passenger side seat and it captured my attention, all the weight. Now it captured my imagination. So I was like, someday I am going to have one of those. And I’m going to be successful. That today is the day. Oh dear, look at this. It’s amazing. If I walk outside, I am like so shiny.

Speaker 2: (03:30)
She walked outside to see how far the sun would glare off

Speaker 1: (03:33)
For her, you know? And we’re still kind of wearing masks. So I thought it kind of looked Spacey with my outfit. Like, I’m like, I’m here. I’m like, I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m thinking I’m,

Speaker 2: (03:45)
You’re totally off camera, but it’s you. So what do people expect?

Speaker 1: (03:50)
It works like with the mask because I can be like welcome to live. Well, or you could breed like Darth Vader. There you go. This is, uh, this is an N 95. Yeah. I’m still rocking the [inaudible]. Yep. That’s all right. Some of us still, still want to rock the future. I’m still in the future. And then, but I did make the mistake of wearing my in 95 with this.

Speaker 2: (04:18)
Yeah. That was not, that didn’t go well, because she went into a full-out panic mode going like, yeah.

Speaker 1: (04:24)
Well it was more like, it was like, this

Speaker 2: (04:30)
Couldn’t breathe. It lasted about 30 seconds. So she started flailing around. Cause

Speaker 1: (04:35)
Like it’s, it’s a little bit small. You be a little bit careful when you put this thing on and it echoes like it’s so loud in here right now.

Speaker 2: (04:50)
Help me.

Speaker 1: (04:52)
Awesome. But I, I can like, you know, if the sun isn’t in our eyes and we’re on the spaceship, we can be like this. Really? Yeah. So I thought this would help me explain what zero gravity was. Oh,

Speaker 2: (05:07)
I’m the, I’m the power basis. You’re absolutely

Speaker 1: (05:10)
Right. Always talking about I’m sorry I had a hair. It gets a little,

Speaker 2: (05:16)
So that was, that was the whole point of this thing was the zero gravity. Gotcha.

Speaker 1: (05:20)
Yeah. So like in shows before, we’re always mentioning zero gravity. So now I can explain zero gravity a little bit better. And so, you know, I just thought this would be the way to do it. No.

Speaker 2: (05:35)
Okay. I mean, I mean, it’s nice that you use the company credit card for this. I mean, I’m sure somebody appreciates it. Oh, there’s more, there’s more.

Speaker 1: (05:45)
Yeah. I I’m like good for a couple months now. Every Friday I’m still, I didn’t buy the pirate because pirates isn’t until September, but I really wanted it. We have a calendar of characters that we’re going to be. Yep. Alrighty. Yeah. Every Friday I actually was dressed pretty normally today I actually

Speaker 2: (06:07)
Enjoyed, you know, having normal mail here.

Speaker 1: (06:09)
I was normal up until about four o’clock. No, it was closer to noon and, and she saw the television and she’s like, well, where’s that person. And we got to talking about it and cause they were like, that’s so cool. And I was like, yeah, that’s usually me. I’m just not feeling very, you know, sparkly today. And um, she goes, that doesn’t even look like you, the way you’re dressed. She goes, and I was like, but I’ve got a space suit in the car. And she goes, well, why is it in the car? And so I literally, she goes, as she was walking out the door, she goes, girl, you need to get your sparkle back on and you need to go out to that car right now and get your speed suit on today is not over. It was so motivational and it was so awesome. I actually sent her a picture of myself in the space who right after that.

Speaker 2: (06:58)
Yes. And I’ve read the message and we were both dying, laughing.

Speaker 1: (07:01)
Yes. So, and we’re going to put a screenshot of that right here. That’s the communication right there. And she was like, I love the outfit. There it is. Yes. And then I closed the biggest sale of today. Dressed like this. Yes. Two little girls,

Speaker 2: (07:16)
Two little girls who were just looking at her. Like she was some kind of hero.

Speaker 1: (07:19)
I am a hero. Oh totally. And so many ways they thought it was awesome.

Speaker 2: (07:25)
The mom and dad thought it was awesome. I thought it was weird.

Speaker 1: (07:29)
It was, I used to throw out so much science. I got to use all my science words. I’m sure it’s like a whole like science lesson with those two lines. I’m sure it was for whatever. Forget this experience.

Speaker 2: (07:41)
Okay. Well now we’re going to reel it back in the fishbowl. All right. So fishbowl consists of a topic that we’ll cover really quick. Some questions that we’re going to ask you or that you have asked us a little bit more weirdness from Mel. I promise. Yeah. No, it’s not. I think I got to work on a short break and then we cover Mel’s crazy hypothetical question. So you have to put the space in there. Mel’s crazy.

Speaker 1: (08:15)
Yeah. There’s a thing you got to stay tuned because there’s definitely a theme. Yep. We got to cheers to that.

Speaker 2: (08:20)
So to episode number 19 and let’s get this puppy started. All right. So oops. Forgot to drink.

Speaker 1: (08:27)
I’m continuing the space over here. All right. So

Speaker 2: (08:32)
Today’s topic is how bad, how bad for you is eating before bed? Really? So eating after dinner is a bit taboo at the same time, going to bed with a grumbly tummy. Isn’t much fun either. So how bad for you really is eating before going to bed? I’ve always, I’ve, I’ve kind of wondered that I know for me, I get really bad acid, so I don’t eat too close to bed. I have an adjustable base so I can actually lift it up and it gets better that way, but yeah, not liking it. Okay. The most important thing in setting up a healthy, nighttime eating habit is to ask yourself whether or not you’re actually eating because you’re hungry or if you’re eating because you’re craving the big difference between there’s a big difference between being hungry and having

Speaker 1: (09:19)
I’ve added a V to that. So

Speaker 2: (09:26)
If you’re genuinely hungry, you can hear your, your tummy grumbling. I mean, there’s, there’s a pretty good sign. And if you feel your tumbling, grump your tummy grumbling, go ahead and satisfy those hunger pangs with the small sensible snack. So is it unhealthy to eat before bed? If you’re genuinely hungry, reach for something on the lighter, healthier end of the spectrum before you hit the hay? However, I don’t have too many concerns. Okay. So that’s a dietician that wrote this. So it goes on to talk about healthy nighttime snacks. Now I know that you have rather different sleep habits than I do because I actually go to bed at a decent time.

Speaker 1: (10:07)
I, yeah, I’m still working on that.

Speaker 2: (10:10)
So what, what are your eating habits around dinner and after dinner? Okay.

Speaker 1: (10:16)
Pre four month detox. Okay. I had horrible eating habits before bed. I mean, I would eat a big old pizza and then go to bed. Wow. Like, you know, get home, let’s put a pizza in it’s Friday night after fishbowl, let’s eat a big pizza and then fall asleep, you know? Wow. On a full tummy. And like, that was our kind of routine on Friday nights. Now I usually have soup when I go home or oatmeal for dinner or a big bowl of fruit. Uh, that makes, uh, I was talking to my friend, Becky about that. And um, her and Bob do the same thing and she had recommended fruit bowls because you can mix all kinds of stuff and there’s lots of, uh, water. You just feel so clean. That’s actually number one on here is fruit. Yeah. Cool. So fruit

Speaker 2: (11:08)
Fresh fruit can satisfy your sweet tooth without unnecessary added sugar. Yep.

Speaker 1: (11:13)
Yeah. And you know, that’s a really great one. I went fruit because I’ve gone dairy free for several reasons. Um, but that is, that’s really great, you know, and I, I, you can have that any time of the day, but for nighttime, it’s really, really good.

Speaker 2: (11:29)
So number two on the list is a handful of nuts, nuts have healthy fats and, uh, gut loving fiber and good protein content. Now I eat nuts throughout the day because they’re just, they’re satisfying. They’re filling and you’re not eating too much of

Speaker 1: (11:44)
Them. I do the nuts I have. Like I don’t do the peanuts anymore. There’s some nuts that I exclude just because they’re just too hard to digest. Um, and some of them have some stuff that can, can, can mess you up if you, if you’re, if you lend yourself to having digestive issues. So you gotta be kind of careful for what kind of nuts and research the type enough. It’s my favorite, our pistachios. I love them. Now. We are in the heart, us pistachio country here in Otero county with all of our pistachio trees. So shout out to all of our pistachio farmers. Uh, yeah, those are so good for you. So healthy, so easy to digest. And I love me some pecans and walnuts.

Speaker 2: (12:29)
Great. Yep. Yep. Walnuts are good too. All right. Next up is a glass of milk. Glass of milk before bed really can help you enter the land of nod. So it’ll really help you go to sleep faster. I’ve never personally tried it, uh, but I I’ve heard it’s really good. It has a compound called tryptofan that is used in the production of melatonin. So in other words, it’s going to help you produce melatonin even easier. You’ve tried, you’ve tried one muck.

Speaker 1: (12:56)
Oh yeah. I love the warm milk. Um, granted I’m dairy free right now, but I do love more Milken. And that comes from it being, it comes from a mammary gland of the cows, you know, mammals. So that goes back to the baby with babies, need more melatonin to sleep. And so when we get that, that’s what increases it in our body. Hormonally. Um, milk can be really great for some people. Some people though, you have to be careful with it because if you have certain health issues, milk can be bad. And I always really highly recommend if you’re going to be drinking milk, uh, as an adult to really try to find it that it’s developed without, um, additional hormones and growth hormones in there and get yourself some organic milk or better yet find yourself a cow that can affect you. Definitely. Yeah. There’s a lot of, um, there’s actually I learned this week that there’s more than 20 chemical ingredients inside of the average, uh, gallon of milk, like industrial gallon.

Speaker 2: (13:58)
Why organic is such a big hit now?

Speaker 1: (14:00)
Yeah. There’s a, there’s a lot of stuff in there. So if you’re going to do milk, do be careful with that. Yep.

Speaker 2: (14:06)
All right. Next up, we have cheese and crackers. Now what does dietician talks about is saying, Hey, cheese and crackers is a good snack, but let’s opt away from the huge cheese and cracker boards that you have on the weekend with your friends or whatnot. What she’s, what she’s wanting you to, to opt for is more of a whole grain cracker and something light like cottage, cheese, or ricotta cheese. I love that again. Dairy. I know it’s killing you.

Speaker 1: (14:35)
It’s killing you. Oh, I love cheese. Cheese.

Speaker 2: (14:42)
Yeah. Yeah. She’s been dying without cheese, but soon enough you will be healed up

Speaker 1: (14:46)
And you’ll be okay. I discovered vegan cheese. I used to make fun of people like me. Yep. Yup. But when I found vegan cheese, I was like, life can go on now. I’m not choosing vegan just as a fad. I’m actually choosing it because I’m having to choose it because you’re trying to survive. I’m trying so things that I can eat. Good. That is awesome. So, uh, yeah. You know, you don’t even have to put the cheese on there, but they do have vegan cheeses, which are yummies. Um, the crackers. That’s a good one. You know, that’s a nice one to give a kiddo, especially if they’re like making the excuse that they don’t want to go to bed. You can hand them some crackers.

Speaker 2: (15:27)
Yep. Okay. Next up is hummus. Now you know more about homicides than I do. I’ve actually never had hummus. Um, it doesn’t sound appetizing, but um, yeah. So hummus is, uh, yeah. Keep an eye on your dip. Portion size, a tablespoon compared with a few crackers is enough. So tell me a little bit about

Speaker 1: (15:49)
That. Well, shoot, dang. I eat the whole thing. You eat the whole bowl. If I just say I just get the thing and I just can eat out of the bowl, like chips and dip. And I like half of it. I eat it for lunch. Um,

Speaker 2: (16:02)
That’s for a meal though. That’s different. This is, this is something right before bed. Yeah, yeah. No, no. It’s different. Yeah. Yeah. It’s the, it’s the space suit.

Speaker 1: (16:11)
Really hungry. Always a little Spacey right there. Yeah. You know, if you hummus and crackers. Yeah. Put, put on some almond butter on those crackers or some peanut butter. Yeah. That’s all options. Hummus is great for you. It’s very healthy for you. Oh, I’m

Speaker 2: (16:26)
Sure it is. Yeah. Yeah. Anyways, the next step is yogurt and granola. So yogurt and granola is a favorite breakfast of mine. So you tell me,

Speaker 1: (16:35)
You didn’t say that anymore. Do you skip these slides is granola. Granola. Cause you don’t know how to pronounce it. It’s

Speaker 2: (16:44)
Muesli. I’ve had muesli for breakfast all the time. I just like yogurt and granola

Speaker 1: (16:48)
Easily muesli. Okay. Yeah. That’s a good one.

Speaker 2: (16:52)
Yep. Uh, so what happens there is, uh, yogurt has a low GI energy consumption and it also keeps your blood sugars balanced. So yummy. Next up is popcorn. My favorite, I love popcorn.

Speaker 1: (17:09)
You know, yogurt doesn’t have to be dairy either. I forgot to mention some good ones there. And it’s good for your, your micro flora fauna. You got a whole microphone. Your gut biome. Yes. Yes. Popcorn. Yes. Popcorn’s one of my favorites. Okay. Can you eat popcorn style? I am very careful about popcorn because if you’re not careful and you have irritable bowel syndrome and stuff like that written for noble a lot. But if you have a gut that sensitive to whatever you’re thrown into it, you gotta be really careful with that popcorn. Cause there’s these little tiny shells and husks on that popcorn and it can cause leaky gut. So if you are one of those people that just eat a ton of popcorn, you better be careful because it’s really hard to digest those shells. They can, they can actually, did you know that your intestinal wall is only one cellular wall thick? It’s like just one cell thick and it’s so easy to like cut it and cause leaky gut.

Speaker 2: (18:11)
Oh no. I’ve I’ve heard some big

Speaker 1: (18:13)
Bigots Sherry. So be careful on the popcorn. Yeah. You gotta have popcorn. You know, I love popping my own popcorn on, on the pan with some skillet. It’s so easy. You don’t have to do that. Microwave stuff,

Speaker 2: (18:25)
Microwave stuff. I do it straight off the pan and the dogs can hear it. And the dogs love dams, popcorn,

Speaker 1: (18:31)
Those microwave stuff. You know, there’s a lot of bad stuff in that stuff too.

Speaker 2: (18:36)
You’re all full of just joy tonight. Aren’t you

Speaker 1: (18:44)
Got to get off this planet. So today’s future. We don’t do that

Speaker 2: (18:49)
Anyways. Today’s articles. I still have

Speaker 1: (18:51)
Fun though. We have everything in moderation. Today’s video.

Speaker 2: (18:56)
Today’s topic is from the magazine body and soul. And I’ll put the link in the description below. And you did warn me. You did say that you were going to be loopy. So yeah.

Speaker 1: (19:07)
You know, this is kind of like having breakfast for dinner, a very light breakfast. Yes. I’m very light. I like to have my biggest meal during the middle of the day. Yep. And you definitely do you pick out yep.

Speaker 2: (19:20)
It takes up the whole table with her foods while she’s sitting there.

Speaker 1: (19:24)
I love to have like a spread where you just have like, it’s just a whole feast and you just nibble.

Speaker 2: (19:29)
Yes. We’ve seen you. We’ve definitely seen you all right. Onto the questions of the week. So these are questions that you’ve asked us throughout this week and it’s, it’s, it’s sometimes it’s repetitive questions from like a week or so before. Some, a lot of times it’s new questions just because we keep getting these really interesting questions that people have when they come shopping in our stores. Um, we do this mostly to help you shop better and help you not be taken advantage of while you’re shopping for furniture or mattresses. So the first question is I live in a town where you don’t have a store. Can I order your candles online? I love milk house candles and want to support a small business in New Mexico. So answer that one.

Speaker 1: (20:14)
Hmm. No, he’s asked me questions when I got my face stuffed while you’re always stuffing your face. Yes, yes. We all can do that. Well, well we, yes, both. Yes. I’m stuffing my face and yes, we can send you a candle. Okay. I’d love to send you a candle.

Speaker 2: (20:31)
Okay. So yes, you can order candles There’s a little tab that says candles and scents. So yes, you can order candles online and we have almost, no, we have every cent that we have in the store available online.

Speaker 1: (20:46)
Yeah. It’s super awesome. And that’s a great company. Um, milk house actually is a small family owned business. It started out, has a great story of a husband and his wife. She was a teacher. Then they focused on the candles and now they’re multimillion dollar. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (21:01)
Yeah. They grew out of him just selling candles at school. I mean that, that story, there’s a video to it. Um, I’ll put a link on there so that way you guys can watch it. Cause that’s a really good touching story. That’s actually why we’ve purchased from them because we saw their story and we were like blown away.

Speaker 1: (21:17)
Yeah. And those candles that Gretchen chose, she specifically brought them in because her pair of paraben-free right. And they are bees, wax and soy. So they burn super clean, which is huge because both of us have asthma. Um, and I can’t burn a really cheap candles with a pair of paraffins and stuff like that. Cause it, it really inflames my lungs. So if you are sensitive to smells or perfumes or anything, these burns super, super clean. Yeah.

Speaker 2: (21:46)
They’re smoke-free they smell wonderful. One candle can fill this entire store with the good sense. So yeah. They’re, they’re just, they’re made just right. Okay.

Speaker 1: (21:55)
And we do have the melts that go in tandem with those. So if you would have liked to purchase both so that you can take it to work or any, if you like the melty,

Speaker 2: (22:05)
Good idea. I never thought of that. You can continue the set from home to work. What a great idea. That’s what Gretchen does.

Speaker 1: (22:14)
I don’t know. Cause you just live here.

Speaker 2: (22:17)
I just live here. I don’t know what’s going on over at that house.

Speaker 1: (22:20)
Yeah. You can, you can do the math. Cause some people they don’t, they’re not allowed to have a flame at work, right? Yeah.

Speaker 2: (22:28)
Okay. So this one we actually had, I’m not going to say an irate customer. I’m going to say a customer that just didn’t understand what was going on. Okay. No, no. And, and I’m not meaning that in an insult, in an insulting way. You’ll understand when I say this, why would it take over three months to get American made furniture in stock? Oh my, yeah, yeah. Do you remember this customer?

Speaker 1: (22:54)
Well, we’ve had several, but yeah.

Speaker 2: (22:56)
Well this one in particular got, was a little, was a little perturbed that, uh, American made manufactured items were taking so long and they just didn’t understand it.

Speaker 1: (23:09)
Well, you know, that kind of okay. Because we can understand, we can kind of wrap our head around if it’s coming from over on the other side of the planet, play in it, that it can take a while to get through customs in the oceans and across the waves and everything like that. So yeah. I mean we’re in America, we’re in the United States of America. Why is it okay. I know why, why? Because there is now an increased demand for American goods. Yep. We’re still working off of the infrastructure infrastructure that we have had in place. That really is kind of still kind of a couple of decades beyond, behind in some realms, as far as furniture making, because everything went overseas. Right. There’s a shortages of everything, including wood pulp. Yep.

Speaker 2: (24:04)
It’s, it’s a beautiful thing right now because we have so many customers asking us for American made furniture

Speaker 1: (24:12)
Right here. It matches. Yes, yes,

Speaker 2: (24:14)
Yes it does. So yeah. It’s a beautiful thing to have you guys ask him for American made furniture. Yes. We carry it, but just know that there’s a lot of people out there like you that are looking for American made furniture and that caused a demand, a spike in demand. And that demand really hard to keep

Speaker 1: (24:34)
Up with. Andrea has ever seen that much of a demand for American goods ever in our industrial history. So, you know, it’s, uh, uh, it’s an interesting time to be alive. I think it’s fantastic because it’s going to put the pressure where we need it so that we can really ramp up our, um, industry here. And you know, this, what is that? Um, something is, is the mother of all invention, necessity. Necessity is a mother of all invention and it isn’t until you’re stressed that you grow

Speaker 2: (25:09)
Right. And that’s what the system is going to be doing. It’s growing. It’s still, I don’t want to turn a blind eye to the fact that a lot of the shipping containers that you see coming on trains are all foreign made products. So don’t turn a blind eye to the fact that we still need to support our American made manufacturing a lot more than we actually do. I mean, I just want to say that I know I’m trying, um, I know that you’re big into it. Uh, but yeah, we, we really do need to, as a country to start seeing what we’re looking, what we’re buying and start supporting American jobs.

Speaker 1: (25:42)
I think the average cus consumer is starting to grasp that this is actually across the board. It’s not, this is real. Yeah. Yeah. It’s not just here. Like now. Like I used to have to say, explain it to everybody that walked in the door and now they just were so far into it that now they just accept. They just, they just know it. They’re already, they’ve already experienced it already anywhere and everywhere they go. So they, they don’t even need the extra. Yep. Yep.

Speaker 2: (26:13)
Okay. Next question. Yeah. Except for this guy. Yep. Oh, this is a good one. Are you guys live well or is live well selling the same products at both of their stores?

Speaker 1: (26:26)
Not yet. Not yet. Not saying that or you want me to

Speaker 2: (26:30)
Go ahead and do your side of it and I’ll do my side. Okay.

Speaker 1: (26:33)
No, not yet. But we are looking at, um, expanding and bringing the boutique items and all of the fun and funky stuff, including me. I want to get Dave dressed up and then it’ll help. So, um, we’re going to have the boutique over there. This is kind of our experimenting grounds or this is where we do all of our test flights of everything. I said, test. I know I saw that. That was good. So this is our, you know, where we’re going to do it. And then we will get it all over there to Carlsbad. Um, yeah,

Speaker 2: (27:09)
We’ve had the boutique now for a year. We’ve had a lot of success with some items, less success with others, but we know now what we need to take over there to be successful over there. And um, I think this is a smart way to do it. We set up a system here and we move it onto the next door. And that’s basically what we’re doing with the boutique wise. Now, as far as our mattresses, the majority of the mattresses are the same. There are a few different models just because different communities have different needs. Uh, but as far as the, the, the sleep stuff, the, the real sleep stuff, the stuff that’s going to support your back and everything, all of that from, from there on up is about the same. There are some lower models that different communities have different needs. As far as furniture, we do try and carry the same product, but we are finding a lot of success in being able to say, Hey, I have this particular model. That’s a little bit like this one, but not quite over in Carlsbad, if you’d like, I can bring that back and that’s worked, right? Yeah.

Speaker 1: (28:08)
So we have the availability to show pictures or call and check on stock over there. So we actually work in tandem and we, once a week, we exchange, um, product. So whether it’s, uh, mattresses or our furniture, if, if we have it in stock in the other store, we can pick that up for you and bring it here. Uh, with that being said, if you, if you see a product, uh, on any of our advertising or shows, that’s, home-based here in Alma Gorda, we can definitely get it to Carlsbad for you to try. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck buying it, right. If you, if it gets there and you don’t like it, that’s fine too. Um,

Speaker 2: (28:49)
Salesforce for it. So, yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (28:51)
Yeah. And then as far as the boutique, if you see something in the boutique, you can purchase it online on our store or call us here at the store and we can prepare that order for you and deliver it to Alma gore, uh, Carlsbad for pickup.

Speaker 2: (29:07)
Yup. We can do that with that. We can do, I mean, online, our beds are available. Our furniture is available. You can look at the entire catalog. There’s still a few pieces that are missing, but just, I mean, a simple phone call and we can get pictures to you. We were very active online on social media and on our website. So if you have questions, please feel free to let us know. In fact, today I made a thousand dollars sale off of texting.

Speaker 1: (29:34)
Wow. Yeah. Yeah. I know that

Speaker 2: (29:36)
You made higher sales, but I made mine off

Speaker 1: (29:39)
Of texting, but did you send a picture of yourself at his base suit soon as somebody through the same system? No, I didn’t.

Speaker 2: (29:48)
Yeah. All right. So this is a point where we’re going to take a small break. We’ll be right back. Bye bye.

Speaker 3: (31:04)
And we’re back.

Speaker 2: (31:07)
You weren’t eating. Whoa. I was taking a break. Are you feeling all

Speaker 1: (31:11)
Right? Well, you know what? Those marshmallows, they really fell.

Speaker 2: (31:18)
I think they expanded. Yes. The essay. Do you stay there? They’re pretty tasty. They’re pretty tasty and addicting. From what I understand, Gretchen’s always talking about those. And Gretchen is always talking about those candy canes. She says those candy canes are sinful.

Speaker 1: (31:33)
Yeah. I haven’t, I haven’t ventured into the candy cane yet, but I do know that, um, so the coconut cream pie, chocolate candy bars by Hammons,

Speaker 2: (31:44)
She was eating last week. Yes. So

Speaker 1: (31:46)
We have a video of it, of me eating it from the last fish bowl. And there was a gal here today with her family at the end of the day. And, um, we were waiting to tie things up and I took her over to the television and I was showing her, her, her family, our YouTube channel. And I got to the scene where I was eating the candy bar and talking about it. And literally at that second she’s like, where are those? And she went straight from the television, straight to the counter and bought two of them. Not just one. She bought two,

Speaker 2: (32:22)
That’s taking advantage of somebody that was probably hungry. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

Speaker 1: (32:26)
Well, we got Snickers over there, but she wasn’t, she was not going for it and went, but she saw the video of me eating it. Subliminal messaging.

Speaker 2: (32:35)
Oh, it’s funny because, uh, there was a lady last weekend that saw it on Saturday to remember. And she bought, she bought a couple of them just because she saw, oh

Speaker 1: (32:44)
Yeah, I miss Jackie too. I showed her that video. And as soon as I start to, oh my gosh, they are just like, yeah.

Speaker 2: (32:50)
Well, they’re amazing candy bars. If you guys haven’t tried them, you got to come in, come and try the coconut. Well, there’s

Speaker 1: (32:57)
Coconut cream pie that has a coconut Ganash and it’s milk chocolate. But we also have a cookies and cream one. We have a toffee and chocolate and there is a peanut

Speaker 2: (33:06)
Butter. Why have I not, why have I not tried any of these?

Speaker 1: (33:10)
I don’t know. I just broke it. We’ve had him for several months and I just am breaking into the Hammons. Yeah. Brought him in a long time ago. I was trying to be really good because it’s so

Speaker 2: (33:20)
Well, they sell out so quickly. It’s hard to keep them in stock too. So now, now it’s like, we’re finally hitting them and finding out why people are buying so many of them. I’m like

Speaker 1: (33:30)
Good. So yeah. Hopefully we can get more. And what I like about Hammons sister?

Speaker 2: (33:35)
Yeah. They’re handmade in Colorado. Yep. All right. So it’s time for mills crazy. Oh yeah. Oh, okay. It smells crazy hypothetical question.

Speaker 1: (33:48)
That was bad timing.

Speaker 2: (33:51)
I do it on purpose. It seems like. So tell me puzzling puzzle me. Oh, wise one.

Speaker 1: (33:56)
Okay. Okay. So hypothetical crazy hypothetical. There isn’t a posture fee there. Mel’s

Speaker 2: (34:02)
Crazy hypothetical question. There’s no pies. You told me to pause.

Speaker 1: (34:08)
No, there’s an apostrophe, but there’s no pause. Mel’s crazy. Mel’s crazy. Hypothetical’s oh, you’re calling me crazy when you do that. Okay. So let’s just think hypothetically. Okay. All right. You are, you are going to go to space to space. You have been selected to go to the first mission to Mars. First man on Mars is who you are going to be by myself. Well, no, there’s a crew of people. Cause you can’t go to Mars by yourself. It’s a team effort. You get to be one of the lucky ones to go to the first mission of Mars to land on Mars.

Speaker 1: (34:56)
Does it matter? It’s part of the, okay. Let’s say there’s four people. There’s a crew of four people. Cause it was cockpits are kind of small. Okay. I’m all yours. Yeah. And so you’re gonna go there. You’re going to land it. You’re going to stick that Landy like space X, boop. And then you get to go out and explore. Start thinking about setting up the colony and then you get to launch off and then come back and land on earth and tell everybody about it. So hypothetically, that’s where you’re going. That’s the mission. That’s your mission.

Speaker 2: (35:26)
Yeah. And for people that makes it five people total?

Speaker 1: (35:34)
No, there’s nothing. It said there’s only four people. Only four people. Okay. I misunderstood you. Okay. Okay. You get to take only two items with you. Two personal items, two personal items. Now this is a long journey. I think it takes months. Maybe years. Okay. Let’s say years. Okay. I haven’t done my research that much. Let’s just say it’s like years. Okay. Okay. So you’re going to be in there with those three people. Okay. And you only get to take two personal effects. What do you take? And no, you don’t get to choose the other people. So you just didn’t get to choose your items. The government chooses the other people.

Speaker 2: (36:14)
Toilet paper would be the first one. You

Speaker 1: (36:17)
Don’t think there’s already going to be toilet paper on the ship. Oh, you didn’t specify that. Okay. So let’s see. Okay. And I don’t think they use toilet paper in our space because there’s no way to get rid of it. I think you just, it’s a vacuum. You know, this was a problem. When in early space history, because the, the poop, they will, could smell it and it was making them sick and they had to wear these masks. They have since fixed that in space. But like, I think it will just inject it and then it gets frozen and floats away. But it’s a vacuum that there’s no tool paper.

Speaker 2: (36:49)
There’s no need for toilet paper.

Speaker 1: (36:51)
Well, there’s no water. They can’t carry that much water. Okay. Then my

Speaker 2: (36:56)
First personal item would be water. No,

Speaker 1: (37:01)
There is no way you can get that much water and toilet paper on the ship. Get past whatever. Weird. Hang up. You got with that. Okay. All right. These are personal effects.

Speaker 2: (37:12)
Oh, to remind you didn’t specify that. Okay. Okay. So I would take my book collection.

Speaker 1: (37:17)
You can only take one book. What book do you take? We’re talking two items. It’s a small cockpit. It’s small. You only take one book. I’m thinking, I’m thinking over and over and over again. Okay.

Speaker 2: (37:33)
So I’m going to take, um, I’ll, we’ll buy an e-reader and fill it with all kinds of books. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (37:45)
Do you have to have a wifi connection? I guess? No. You can just fill

Speaker 2: (37:50)
That puppy. Okay. So number one is easy reader. I’ve got

Speaker 1: (37:53)
Ya. Okay. Okay. An E reader. You gotta eat library device. Okay.

Speaker 2: (37:57)
Yeah. Number two would be now how large of an item can this be?

Speaker 1: (38:06)
It has to fit in your backpack has

Speaker 2: (38:08)
To fit in my backpack and only two items fit in this backpack.

Speaker 1: (38:12)
Well, you’ve got other stuff. You’ve got, you know, ice cream space, ice cream.

Speaker 2: (38:17)
I’ve got space, ice cream. Okay.

Speaker 1: (38:19)
You know, you have your space food. Okay. So my next one you got your, your, well, you got some pockets. I’ve got space pockets. So let’s say like, they got to fit in here. Okay. Well, how close

Speaker 2: (38:33)
Are you quartered with the other people? Like, do you have space?

Speaker 1: (38:37)
There’s not a lot of space.

Speaker 2: (38:39)
So you’re with these people day in and day out.

Speaker 1: (38:43)
Yeah. There’s not a lot of space in space. Unfortunately. Headphones.

Speaker 2: (38:48)
I need to get away headphones. So my, my reader would be a Bluetooth connected music player E reader with headphones.

Speaker 1: (38:58)
Okay. That’s all you’re taking. That is,

Speaker 2: (39:00)
That’s it. That’s all. I need really books and a way to get away. What do you got?

Speaker 1: (39:08)
I think that I would take, um, I think I would take a stuffed unicorn, a stuffed unicorn plush. Yeah. That serves no utility whatsoever. You know? And the last piece flight, they took a, a dinosaur up there T-Rex plush and they did the video feedback to all the kids. Yeah. And like, cause you can do videos to your family. So I would take, well, you know, I’d let all of her choose the, the toy, the plush, but I bet he would choose a unicorn for you.

Speaker 2: (39:46)
I’d be the astronaut in the back. Just reading my book and having my headphones on while they had this video feed.

Speaker 1: (39:51)
Okay. Well you’re an extrovert introvert pretty much. Yeah. You’re an introvert, so. Okay. Well while you’re doing that, I’ll be like doing videos like Hey Oliver. And he gets to choose a plush, but I bet you, he would choose a unicorn plush for me to take the outer space off to ask him next to.

Speaker 2: (40:10)
So you didn’t say that you were going to be part of this crew. So I’m going to go from small earbuds to a full noise canceling headphones set.

Speaker 1: (40:18)
Okay. And my second item, gosh, you know, even though I’m the one doing the hypotheticals, I didn’t think that far. It was probably the helmet. I think it would have to be food related, but I, it would have to last me an entire year toilet paper. So it’d have to be something that I could add to all of my food. It had to be Tabasco sauce, Vasco

Speaker 2: (40:47)
Sauce, a bottle of Tabasco sauce.

Speaker 1: (40:49)
Yeah. You know, they put that in MRAs. Yes. Right. This spices stuff up. So, so

Speaker 2: (40:56)
Far we have a stuffed unicorn and Tabasco sauce and mine was an e-reader jam packed with books and noise. Canceling headphones. Yeah. Two different personalities here, buddy. Two different personalities. All right. So what did you learn this week? It’s time for, what did you do? What did I learn? What did you learn? Oh,

Speaker 1: (41:22)
I know. I get to this part of the show all the time. And then I’m like raking my brain.

Speaker 2: (41:26)
This is where she goes into a rant over people’s lack of common sense.

Speaker 1: (41:32)
Yeah. I got a, I can’t go there anymore. Cause I get really riled up. There wasn’t necessarily anything that insulted my intelligence this week. That’s a positive. Um, I would have to say that I learned a lot about hormones.

Speaker 2: (41:50)

Speaker 1: (41:52)
I’ve been studying, um, how hormones, like, um, all kinds of different things like estrogen and testosterone, um, work in our bodies and in our internal system,

Speaker 2: (42:04)
For those of you that are just watching this for the first time, Mel is having some, some medical issues as well. And it’s not funny. It’s some, Mel’s having some medical issues and she’s been dealing. She’s been dealing with them now for about four months and she’s finally plateauing on the pain scale and she’s, she’s discovering a lot of stuff. That’s really been affecting her this whole time. That’s just like, boom, boom. And now it’s making so much sense.

Speaker 1: (42:30)
Oh, I’m connecting dots. Yeah. Cause it can be very frustrating when you start to like go through these things and you’re like, I don’t feel good. What’s wrong with me. And then you go to the doctor and they don’t know, they just keep calling you in there and they keep dragging you around and they don’t give you any information and they don’t teach you anything about what’s going on in your body. So it’s really scary because it’s, we have absolutely wonderful doctors and nurses out there, but they’re not, their job is not to teach you about why it’s happening to you. Their job is just to slap some medicine on it pretty much and just, oh, it’s just a horrible system right now. So I’m very disappointed in that. So unless it’s a true emergency, like it can be very difficult to get any answers. And you’re just like, ah, so I took a very strong approach to my own health and I

Speaker 2: (43:24)
Sought solutions and not just,

Speaker 1: (43:26)
Yeah. And I’m teaching myself a whole lot. I am like, because I’m, you know, I’m a biologist. I am an educator, you know, I just started really digging into my diet, my health, my routine, my lifestyle, um, and really looking and picking apart every single aspect of my health. And so I’ve been going through all of these tiers, you know, dietary, you know, kind of elimination diet. And I was very systematical about everything I did. Um, and I’ve ruled out a bunch of stuff. And now since everything had been ruled out now, granted, I went as far as like, yes, I went and got blood tests. You have, you have to get the basics. You can’t just like wing it. You know, your blood work is very important because that’s going to rule out a whole bunch of stuff. So I’m not saying don’t go to the doctor, but don’t depend on the doctor to tell you everything.

Speaker 1: (44:17)
You have to be proactive about your health. You have to take charge, you have to be your advocate for your own health. And then when you go home and you don’t feel good, you have to take care of yourself because nobody else is going to do it for you. Right. No doctor is going to hold your hand through that entire process, you know, and when you are really sick, you’re going to have to, you know, put on your boots and buck it up. So I learned everything I could. And what I understood an earth is how these hormones, we call them sex hormones in our bodies work inside of our bodies, outside of reproductive, uh, re you know, the reproductive side of that. So estrogen and testosterone, they play key roles in our liver, our gallbladder, our digestion, our sleep, our, um, our skin, our, everything that we do takes hormones.

Speaker 1: (45:17)
And there are as an entire family of estrogens. They’re just like, melatonin is a hormone in your body for sleep there. There’s not just those two. And they change on a daily basis and on an hourly basis. So regulates everything. Yeah. And so if you’re deficient in one small area or over or over, you can have significant health problems. And so it’s always a good place to start in. Okay. Well, where not only am I doing all my blood work, but let’s also look at our hormones over here and see how we’re functioning. And if we’re all within the good realms there too. So that’s the next step that I’m going to look at because it’s super important

Speaker 2: (46:01)
And you’ve had to adjust your diet. You’ve had to do all kinds of,

Speaker 1: (46:05)
Oh my gosh. So once I ruled out my diet and everything, and I was like, well, I know what I’m eating is not making me sick because I’m eating the same thing every single day. I’ve, I’ve really been careful with that. There’s something else making me sick. And so once I rolled all that out, I, I zoned into the fact that my hormones being off were causing, um, my gallbladder and my liver to not function properly. So while they did all the hightest scans and stuff, and they looked very intricately at my gallbladder and my liver, they were able to roll that out and say, well, we don’t have to do the surgery, but I’m still having the same gallbladder attacks. I’m still having the same stuff. So now we’re taking a closer look at, you know, the role of, of estrogen and testosterone in that, because it can, it can affect how you break down everything and it’s filtered through there. It’s all connected.

Speaker 2: (47:02)
And she she’s being quite humble about it. But, uh, what she did was basically months and months of research. And then she went through everything, finally plateaued on the pain, plateaued on everything. And then you finally were able to deduce what was caused, well kind of deduce what’s causing it. And now you’re working on eliminating that. And I’m just, I look forward to sharing more videos on this subject, you guys, because she’s actually making a breakthrough. And it’s interesting to see that she took, she took an approach of not going for simple medicines that are kind of bandaid the issue, but she’s actually taken the time to research and take the power within herself to figure out what’s going on. And I applaud you for that. I definitely do. It’s been a,

Speaker 1: (47:50)
It’s been a, it’s been a hard path to go down. It’s been, it’s been rough, but you know, just learning everything you possibly can. And when, when I identified it was possibly my hormones, I was like, there’s no way, like I’m super even killed. I’m not like emotional. I’m not like I’m super even killed. How could it be my hormones? Because when we talk about estrogen and women are men, men also have estrogen. You know, we liken those hormones to us, you know, anxiety or depression and stuff like that. And I’m like, but I’m not doing that. I’m super even killed. But those processes within, inside of our body, that work on a molecular level, just to process our food and eliminate waste goes back to a healthy balance of all of that. Yup.

Speaker 2: (48:39)
Yup. So I think that that’s, that’s a lot that you learned this week and this month, so yeah. This quarter. Yeah. No joke. No joke. So what I learned this week is we’re looking at the light at the end of the tunnel of our foam shortage. Yeah. Yeah. We’re finally getting to the, yeah. We’re finally getting to a stable time where production is catching up. Production of foam is catching up with the needs of all our orders and everything like that. So we’re finally catching up. It’s been a tough month, month and a half, but we’re, we’re getting there. Um, so another couple of weeks and we should be stable and back to normal on that, of course shipping is still an issue, not with our mattresses, but with our bedding. Uh, I know that you’ve struggled with that. Yeah. You’ve been struggling with that. We’ve had, we’ve got one vendor in particular, that’s short on just about everything. And then we’re brought in another vendor, which, oh, I forgot that pure care came and trained us this past week. If you haven’t seen that video click this link right here, it’s a wonderful video on a new vendor that we’re carrying named pure care. They carry the products that are just like, boom, boom steps. Way, way, way above what you’ve experienced before. So yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 1: (49:56)
We are moving into the season for 10 sell sheets and 10 cells are going to be sleeping. Nice and cool. And, uh, uh, stay in. Nice and cool. So airflow, airflow, they’re Chile. They’re so wonderful. And because we’re starting to get up into the nineties and we’re going to be in the hundreds pretty soon. You want to get yourself some 10 sell sheets,

Speaker 2: (50:17)
Super comfortable sheets. Definitely

Speaker 1: (50:19)
Wonderful. Now we are going to let you know, there are some stocking issues here in our store. However, we have the ability drop ships. Yes. Are they back-ordered even with drop shipping or

Speaker 2: (50:31)
Your care peer care is in stock and ready to go. It’s our other manufacturer. That is a slightly, okay.

Speaker 1: (50:38)
Yeah. So we, we do have options for you and man, these 10 cell sheets by pure camera here. I don’t have the 10 cells by pure care. I thought you did. No, I have, um, I have the woven, so I know, oh, your boss went cheap on you.

Speaker 2: (50:52)
Well, they are the bomb. I sleep on the, I sleep on the woven brand. So

Speaker 1: (50:57)
Can I say what I’m so excited about? That’s so futuristic go ahead. About pure care. So when we were learning about pure care from Rubin Rubin came over, he’s doing his spiel. He starts talking about all the different sheets sheets. It’s more than a spiel because he is like an educator. He’s awesome. He’s fantastic. Yeah. And I’m just like soaking it all in. Well then he starts talking about salient sheets and I was like, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up. Cause he caught my attention because I was like, wait, did you just say race horses? And he’s like, yeah, this cellular material is some of the stuff that they will. They weave into the blankets that they’re putting on these race horses to recover them after they run. And anybody that knows me knows I love Kentucky Derby. I love the race horsing. I love all of that. So I’m a big fan of that whole culture. And um, I’m like, wait, what? And if, if they’re going to put it on a race horse, I’m like all for it. I’ve even like tried some of the muscles creams. Yeah. So I’m like all for it. Well this salient material to miracle fabric is also being used in different types of material and fabric that is, um, exercise wear and stuff like that.

Speaker 2: (52:13)
Very popular. So

Speaker 1: (52:15)
It’s, it’s in the X. Yeah. And some of the, the clothes there. So, um, the way that these sheets will work is it will gather up and kind of store your own body’s energy and ions. Um, but the energy that is coming off of your body, it holds it. And then it kind of recharges it back into your body as you’re sleeping. So it creates this almost like convection of energy back into your body energy. It’s a healing. This sounds,

Speaker 2: (52:47)
This sounds very weird, but this is real. This is real science that the FDA, the FDA has approved this. Okay. So this isn’t just something that we’re coming up with or whatnot, no selling it. Fabric is for real and we’re going to be carrying it now, who’s this good for,

Speaker 1: (53:06)
This is good for people like that have diabetes, chronic pain, um, circulation issues.

Speaker 2: (53:13)
What’s the one where they have muscle or the nerve, the fibromyalgia

Speaker 1: (53:17)
Fibromyalgia was, was, was pointed out as well. So, um, I mean even like, if you just, you know, you’re a triathlete or you like to run or you just want some good, cool sheets that are off saying you, you know, but definitely if you, if you have any of those mentioned, um, the, uh, you know, diabetes, fibromyalgia, they are mentioning that. And they’re linking that now, remember peer care starts out in the hospitals. They, um, were based originally in the hospitals and medical grade sheets, beds protectors. So this is really high-end cool

Speaker 2: (53:52)
Stuff. Yeah. This is legit high-end stuff. FDA approved for heat, for it to show healing. It helps with healing and circulation and it will be available here. I mean, this is coming to our store like within the next week or so. Uh, and we’re excited and we will be making videos on it because this is th this is something,

Speaker 1: (54:15)
Is anyone out of this world? So excited. So we’ll be getting a sample pair, sample sheets. What caught my attention in the conversation with him was it, since I had been a backpacking instructor and used my body, there are times that I’m in like extreme pain and I’m not somebody that’s going to run out there because I don’t want to take drugs. I don’t want to get a prescription for opiates. I don’t want to do that. I want to heal my body. I don’t want to put a bandaid on it. I want the pain to go away. I just, I don’t want to just not feel it so I’m ready to heal it. Um, and when he started talking about how these sheets can help you, I was like, man, I am on it. I was like, how much do they cost? And he’s like, well, we’re going to hook you up because we’re going to talk more about this and we’re we want, you know, so we, we worked out a deal where I’m going to test out these sheets and I’m going to give you my honest opinion based on

Speaker 2: (55:06)
Yep. So we’re going to have an unboxing and then we’ll have a follow up on it. So yeah, uh, selling into is real selling. It is FDA approved, selling into is also going to be,

Speaker 1: (55:18)
Uh, I’m to available a stock. We’re not going to be fully,

Speaker 2: (55:23)
It’s not going to be your average price sheet. This is something that, you know, is it’s a it’s of a certain quality that you’re, you’re going to know it’s working. And you’re also going to pay for what it’s working for. I mean, this is, this is no joke. Uh, this is a very, very sciency fabric that is going to do a lot for you, but you are, but you aren’t going to pay for what you’re going to get. So I’m just warning you right off the bat. Um, but I am also telling you that D sheets, what we’ve heard and what we’ve seen from this is just drop dead. Amazing. All right. So with that, we’re going to wrap up. Thank you so much for watching this episode. Um, I promise you that next time I’ll try and reign her in even more.

Speaker 1: (56:13)
I’m getting ready to blast off. Oh, I thought I thought we were going to blast off. Are we blasting off? No, we’re just saying goodbye to mission control.

Speaker 2: (56:20)
No, we’re just saying goodbye. Say goodbye. Bye bye

Speaker 1: (56:25)
Everybody. Thanks for watching. [inaudible].